5 favourites – February

The last month of winter has come to an end, and I spent the month getting ready to move. Actually, we get the keys to our new apartment today, and I’m so excited for my little family to start a new chapter in our lives. So March is going to be very eventful, and I have lots to look forward to. But first, let’s talk favourites from the month of February, and all five favourites are beauty related this month. I’ve packed most of my make-up a week and a half ago, but kept a selection to wear until I get to unpack my make-up at the new apartment, and all of the products in this 5 favourites post are a part of that selection.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Jelly Pop dew primer: I’ve really been enjoying this primer lately. It’s similar to the Power Grip primer, but it’s a little less sticky and it also smells like watermelon. I also like that it’s a mini, so it’s very travel friendly.

NYX Born To Glow naturally radiant foundation (shade: Porcelain): I’ve purchased a lot of foundations lately (though I haven’t hauled them yet), and of the once I’ve tried so far, this one is my favourite. It’s not a new product on the market, but I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, and I’m not disappointed. It’s just the kind of foundation I’m into at the moment.

Sigma Beauty Matte Bronzer (shade: Light): I’ve been really into cream bronzer for quite some time, so it’s been a while since I’ve loved a matte powder bronzer, but this one is just so good. The shade is great on me, and it blends beautifully on the skin.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Halo Glow powder puff: I never thought that I would like a powder puff, but after trying one of these triangular ones, I get the hype.

Fourth Ray Beauty Avatar: The Last Airbender Jasmine Tea lip mask: I have a huge Colourpop haul coming up (my first one ever!), and the only product I got from their skincare line, Fourth Ray Beauty, was this lip mask. I got it because it’s from the Avatar: The Last Airbender collection (I really like that show), but it’s actually really nice. It smells lovely, and it sinks into my lips overnight and leaves them really soft.

5 favourites – January

The first month of 2023 has come to an end. January always feels longer than the other months, and even though it felt like this one went by a little faster than usual now that I have a baby, it was still pretty long. February will probably be a bit more stressful, since me and my little family is moving in March, but I’m really looking forward to be moving into a bigger place. Anyways, it’s the last day of the month, which means that it’s time for my monthly 5 favourites.

Smashbox x Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector (shade: Fair/Light): I’ve discovered two great correctors within the last six months. I use a corrector on my under eye area most times I do my make-up these days, and I really do see a difference. I know that this one has been a favourite among people even back when Becca was still it’s own brand, but I didn’t try it out until recently.

Rare Beauty Warm Wishes Effortless bronzer (shade: Power Boost): I’ve heard so many beauty youtubers say that this cream bronzer is one of their absolute favourites, and I get why. I don’t think I’d go as far as saying that it’s my absolute favourite, but a favourite it sure is.

Morphe Continuous setting mist: This isn’t just a January favourite, this setting spray has been a favourite of mine for months, I’ve just forgotten to include it in a favourites post. It has the finest mist, and it’s just such a good setting spray.

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream: I love it when I receive a free gift with purchase that I end up really enjoying. That’s the case with this eye cream. I love the texture of it, and I think my under eyes look really good these days.

National Treasure: Edge of History (TV series): I like the National Treasure films despite disliking Nicolas Cage as an actor, so I thought that I would definitely give this series a watch. I’ve been watching it with my boyfriend, and we both really enjoy. I’m excited to see how it ends.

5 favourites – December

Happy New Year! Another year has come to an end, and what a year! My biggest dream came true this year, when I became a mother in October, so it’s safe to say that 2022 was my favourite year so far. I’m super excited about 2023; I’m sure it’s going to be a great year as well with many exciting things to come. But before we jump into the new year, let’s say goodbye to the old one with some December favourites.

Black velvet trousers (H&M): I haven’t hauled these trousers yet, but I have already featured them in a couple of outfit posts. They’re just super comfy, and you can easily dress them both up and down.

Silver glitter chunky heels (Monki): When I saw these heels from Monki, I just had to have them. They’re the perfect pair of party shoes, and I’ve worn them for all the festive occasions this holiday season.

Huda Beauty Glowish Blur Jam silicone-free smoothing primer: Here’s another item I haven’t hauled yet, but I’ve already worn this primer a lot. It has a very unique texture and it’s cooling on the skin, which I really like. And it really is smoothing as the name suggests.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Halo Glow Liquid Filter (shade: 1 Fair): I’ve been wanting to try this product since I first saw it. I love the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, and this is a great dupe for it. It actually has a little more coverage than the Charlotte Tilbury one, and it just looks stunning on the skin.

Urban Decay Hydromaniac Tinted Glow Hydrator (shade: 20 Fair): I purchased this foundation a couple of months ago, but I didn’t get into using it until recently, and I’m really enjoying it. It has the perfect amount of coverage and I really like the finish.

5 favourites – November

Tomorrow it’s finally December; my favourite month! It’s obviously my daughter’s first Christmas, and I can’t wait to celebrate it with her, my boyfriend, and the rest of my family. But first, I’m going to round-up November with some favourites. Even though I haven’t worn make-up that often this past month, all the favourites I’m going to feature in this post are make-up/beauty products. I do have other favourites, but they’re baby-related, so I won’t include those.

NYX Bare With Me concealer serum (shade: 02 Light): I’ve had this concealer for a while, and it wasn’t love at first try, but I’ve since discovered that it applies best with a concealer brush or with fingers. However, I do use a sponge lightly after I’ve applied it with a brush. It has a beautiful finish and texture, and I’ve grown to really enjoy this concealer.

Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Base Primer (shade: Persuade): My MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly will probably always be my favourite eyeshadow base/primer, but I’ve been loving this Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Base Primer lately, and it’s nice to have more than one great eyeshadow primer.

Oden’s Eye Christmas Eve palette + Merry Christmas palette: I know I haven’t hauled these palettes yet, and I’ve only worn each of them once so far, but I was so impressed by the quality and the colour stories that I had to feature them in this post. Oden’s Eye eyeshadows are becoming some of my favourites in general.

Maybelline Superstay Vinyl Ink liquid lipsticks: I’d heard great things about these liquid lipsticks, and I’m not disappointed. I’m actually really impressed by this formula, and now I want all the shades.

MAC Lip Conditioner: I think you’re supposed to use this product before you apply lipliner and lipstick, but I’ve been using it every night before bed for weeks now, and I’ve loved to use it that way. It’s very moisturising, and it has that classic MAC vanilla scent, which I love.

The last ones

Here’s what I wore Monday October 17. These are the last pictures I took of me with my pregnant belly, because I went into labour later that day and my daughter was born the next day.

(Cardigan – H&M, T-shirt – H&M MAMA, leggings – Asos Maternity, socks – Asos Design, sneakers – Nike)

5 favourites – October

Happy Halloween! I can’t believe that October has already come to an end. It’s the month I’d been looking forward to almost all year, because it was the month of my due date, and therefore the month that I gave birth to my baby, who turned out to be a gorgeous little girl. I’m so excited for the months to come and to see my daughter grow. I’m also very excited about Christmas coming up soon; I can’t wait to start decorating and to wear my Christmas jumpers again (and to dress my baby girl in cute Christmas clothes). Most of my favourites this month are related to pregnancy and birth, though still fashion related, and even though I have several baby related favourites, I won’t be including those on the blog.

Navy flared leggings (H&M MAMA): I’ve been loving these super comfy flared leggings throughout the last part of my pregnancy, and they’re also what I wore to the hospital the day I gave birth.

Nursing tops (H&M MAMA): For the past two weeks (or just under) I’ve been loving these nursing tops. They just make breastfeeding a lot easier.

Fluffy slippers (Monki): I brought these slippers to the hospital, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve even continued to wear them at home; especially when I get up to breastfeed in the middle of the night.

Pandora necklace w. Disney pendants: I think this is my new favourite necklace. My parents gave it to me as a “new mum” present (the heart shaped Minnie Mouse pendant says “Mum”), and it’s so special to me.

Maybelline Instant Anti Age Perfector 4-in-1 Glow (shade: 00 Fair Light): I do have one make-up favourite this month. I’d been wanting to try this product for quite a while, and I’m not disappointed. It’s a similar product to the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, but slightly more pigmented. It’s really pretty on the skin, and I kind of like the sponge applicator.

New life

So I’ve been gone for just over a week, and for a very good reason; in the beginning of last week I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and I’m completely in love with her. The birth was tough, but as soon as I had my baby girl in my arms, it was all worth it. I have a new life now, which obviously means that I might not blog as consistently as before, but I also know that I’m not ready to give up blogging. So I’ll post when I feel like it and have the time. I still have a handful of outfits left to post from when I was pregnant. These pictures are from Monday October 10. It’s already a little strange seeing pictures of myself being pregnant, but I did really love being pregnant. However, I love being a mum even more.

(Cardigan – H&M, dress + tights – H&M MAMA, shoes – Asos Design)

Collective haul (September 2022)

It’s time for a collective haul from last month. This haul is a bit of a mix of everything.

I love a roll neck top, so I had to pick up a couple of bump friendly ones. The blue one is from Pieces Maternity, and the purple one is from Vero Moda Maternity. I prefer the fit and look of the blue one, but I love the colours of both.

I’m impatiently waiting for my baby to arrive, and when it does, I really hope that I’ll be able to breastfeed it. So I need some nursing friendly clothes and picked up this two pack of nursing tops from Anna Field MAMA. They’re not my usually style of top, but I have to dress a little more practical, when the baby comes.

These navy joggers are also from Anna Field MAMA, and they’re so comfortable. They’re ready and packed in my hospital bag.

This pair of stretchy navy flared leggings from H&M MAMA has been a favourite of mine lately. They’re super comfy as well.

The last maternity clothes I’ve bought is a two pack of black tights from H&M MAMA. They became kind of necessary when the weather got colder.

I purchased these pink, fluffy slippers from Monki purely to add to my hospital bag, so I would have something cosy to wear on my feet. And that’s enough maternity and hospital talk for now. Let’s move on to make-up.

I haven’t really heard anything about the Maybelline Green Edition Balmy Lip Blush lipsticks, but I was still interested in trying them. I picked up the shades Bonfire and Dusk, a red and a rosy pink, but because I’ve purchased so many new lip products recently, I haven’t gotten around to wearing them yet.

And speaking of lip products, I picked up these two from MAC. I love the packaging of the new MAC Maker lipsticks, so I purchased the @MANUELEMAMELI one, which is a very pretty matte nude shade. I also picked up the yellow lipglass from the MAC X Stranger Things collection. It’s called Marvelous Max, and I thought it would be great to make a lip colour warmer.

I got this Prepped & Ready Lip Prep Kit as a free gift with purchase. It includes a Lipglass Clear, a Lip Scrubtious in Sweet Vanilla, and a Prep + Prime Lip. I didn’t own the Lipglass Clear, but I know a lot of people love it. I have another scent of the Lip Scrubtious, so I know I love that product, and I love everything vanilla scented. And I use Prep + Prime Lip everytime I do my make-up, so it’s nice to have another back-up.

Lastly, and a bit randomly, I got the Glisten Cosmetics Chroma Flakes in Nebula. It’s a stunning iridescent purple glitter, and as you know, I’m really into these kinds of products these days.

5 favourites – September

I can’t believe that it’s already October by tomorrow! I spent almost all of September at home on maternity leave, and before October is over, I’ll have a baby! That obviously means that I most likely won’t be blogging consistently for a while, however, it is my intention to continue blogging, but you never know how much and in which ways your life is going to change, when you have a baby. All I know is that my life sure will change, but I’m so excited to meet the little human I’ve been growing inside my body for almost 9 months now. Until the baby decides to see the world on the outside, I’ll continue to blog, and since it’s the last day of the month, it’s time for my 5 favourites from September.

Sigma Beauty Spectrum Color-Correcting Duo in Light to Medium: I haven’t hauled these first three favourites yet, but I’ve been enjoying them so much that I had to feature them in this post. First up, we have a colour corrector, which is not something I’ve been using in the past, but I’ve not been sleeping well during my third trimester, and I think that shows on my undereye area. This little duo from Sigma Beauty is so good at covering up those dark circles; I can either use it underneath concealer or on it’s own, and I can even use both shades, which I wasn’t sure about, when I bought it.

Huda Beauty #FAUXFILTER Luminous Matte liquid concealer (shade: 1.3G Marshmellow): And speaking of undereyes and concealing, I instantly fell in love with the new Huda Beauty concealer. I don’t buy a lot of high end concealers, but for some reason I was intrigued by this one, and I’m so glad I decided to get it, because it is so good! I love the coverage and finish, and luckily I also found a really good shade match on the first try.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder Tone Up (shade: Rose): The original Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder is probably my favourite loose powder, so I was very excited to try the new Tone Up version in the shade Rose, which as the name suggests has a pink undertone. Light pink powders have been really popular lately, and I see why, because they look so pretty under the eyes.

Oden’s Eye Solmåne II gel liners: I’m very impressed by the entire Oden’s Eye Solmåne II collection, but the products I think I’ve used the most are the gel liners. I got all 15 shades, and I’ve used most of them. The colours are beautiful, they’re very pigmented, and they last a long time on the waterline.

The Sims 4 High School Years (expansion pack): Being on maternity leave you have a lot of time on your hands, and I’ve spent a lot of that time playing The Sims 4. Last month, EA finally released a new expansion pack, and I think many players were excited about it being centered around teens and the high school experience. I still have a lot more game play to discover, but I absolutely love the Create-A-Sim and build/buy items in this pack.

5 favourites – August

August was some month. The weather was so hot throughout most of the month, I had a birthday and Covid (at the same time might I add – not very fun), and I definitely started to feel the weight and tiredness of being in the third trimester of pregnancy. But thankfully, I only have two more work days left before my maternity leave begins, and I can’t wait! I’m really looking forward to slowing down in September, and I’m going to try to enjoy the last bit of my pregnancy. Even though August was tough in many ways, it also had some good moments, and I discovered a lot of favourites as well. As always, I did manage to narrow them down to five, so let’s talk about them.

Pastel coloured tie dye Teva sandals: I love my multicoloured Teva sandals that I purchased last year, so I decided to get another pair this summer, and I’ve loved these ones as well. Teva just makes such comfortable sandals!

Oden’s Eye Solmåne II eyeshadow palette: I posted my first look using this palette yesterday, but there’ll be more looks to come, because I’ve really enjoyed using this palette. The colour story is so pretty, and the quality is great. I’m going to keep an eye on Oden’s Eye from now on.

Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star mascara: I’ve received a lot of mascara samples as free gifts with purchases, and it’s a great way of trying out new mascaras and especially more expensive ones. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been using this Pat McGrath one, and I love it! It’s too bad that it’s so darn expensive.

This Is Us (TV series): The one good thing that came out of me having Covid earlier this month was that I finally had time to start watching ‘This Is Us’, which is a series I’ve been wanting to watch for a while. I was intrigued from the very first episode, and I’m almost done with season two now. I’m really happy that there are six seasons in total, because I’m not done learning about the Pearsons.

Apple AirPods: I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be and AirPods person, but I got a pair for my birthday, and I’ve already used them a lot. I also think they’ll come in handy when the baby comes; wires and babies are probably not a great match.