H&M haul: Lee collab and more

It’s time for a collective H&M haul. It consists of a bit of everything.

Let’s start with the pieces I purchased from the Lee collaboration. I puchased the ’90s wide ultra high waist jeans, the lilac T-shirt, the white T-shirt, and the denim bucket hat. These items are my kind of basics.

I’ve also purchased another pair of jeans. These are a pair of mom jeans with the cutest Mickey Mouse print on them.

I’m really longing for spring and summer, but I’ve only purchased a few spring/summer pieces so far. One of the more summery pieces that I’ve bought is this brown tank top. I puchased a dark yellow tank top and a lilac tank top from H&M last year, and I loved wearing those throughout spring and summer, so I wanted to add this brown one to my spring/summer wardrobe this year.

I’ve purchased two pairs of shoes. I’ve been wanting a pair of white heeled sandals since last summer, and I love this pair from H&M. I found the beige boots in the sale, and even though they’re very simple, they’re very flattering.

Besides the Lee denim bucket hat, I’ve also bought these three hats. I love the black pork pie hat; it’s just such a fun style. The beige wide brim hat is fun too, and the white bucket hat is super cute and summery.

Last, but not least, I got some more pastel coloured socks, because you can never have too many of those:)

5 favourites – March

Another month in lock down has gone by. However, the country has started to slowly open up again, and I went physically to work twice last week, which was great. Working from home isn’t all that fun, but right now I’m in the middle of my easter holiday which I’ve been looking forward to the whole month. Anyways, I had many favourites in March, and it was difficult to narrow them down to five, but here are my picks.

Black chunky boots: The only times I’ve been leaving my apartment these past four months have been to go for a walk, to pick up a parcel, or to go grocery shopping, and for all those occasions my shoes of choice has been these black chunky boots from PULL&BEAR. I really miss wearing all of my shoes, but I have enjoyed wearing these boots a lot.

Essence Brighten Up! Banana powder in 10 Bababanana: I haven’t gotten around to hauling this product yet, but I wanted to feature it anyways, because I’ve been loving this powder to set my under eyes. My favourite undereye setting powder from e.l.f. has been discontinued I think (at least I can’t find it anywhere), so I’ve been on the hunt for alternatives, and this is a great alternative + it’s super affordable too.

BH Cosmetics Blueberry Muffin eyeshadow palette: I know, another product I haven’t hauled yet, but this palette is amazing, so I had to feature it. I’ll show you the inside another time, but the shades are a mix of blues and neutrals, and it is stunning. BH Cosmetics has definitely been on my radar since they released the Naughty palette for holiday 2020.

EOS Toasted Marshmellow lip balm: I love the EOS lip balms, and I’ve had the Toasted Marshmellow one lying around for ages, so when I used up my Vanilla Bean one (which might still be my favourite scent), I started using the Toasted Marshmellow one, and it smells so good. Do I need to say that I love the colour of the packaging as well?

Ear Bisquits (podcast): I had never been listening to podcasts before this month, and I’m really enjoying it. My favourite so far is Ear Bisquits by Rhett and Link, and I knew that I would enjoy this one, because Good Mythical Morning is my favourite Youtube channel. I’m really excited to be listening to more podcasts in the future.

Big collective Zalando haul

I have a rather large collective Zalando haul to share with you. There’s a bit of everything; clothes, shoes, and one bag. Let’s start with the clothes.

I’ve had my eye on this pink and beige checked oversized blazer from Monki for a long time, and when I found it on sale, I decided to finally get it. I love the colours and I love the oversized fit. It’s a perfect spring blazer.

I really like pastels at the moment actually, and this little sweater vest from Stradivarius was just too cute not to buy.

Here’s another piece from Stradivarius with some slightly brighter pastel colours. And of course it has a Disney print. On the back of the T-shirt there’s a picture of Mickey and Minnie from the back, and it says Minnie as well.

I know, I know. Christmas is long over, but I like to buy Christmas jumpers on sale, and I didn’t have one with a gingerbread house on it. It’s from Vero Moda.

Other than pastels, I’m also obsessed with sequins and anything sparkly to be honest. This sequins set (purchased separately) is from Monki, and it’s beautiful. I can’t wait for the day I get to wear this.

I just received these pastel coloured cropped jeans from Bershka, and they might be the perfect spring jeans.

I talked about my love for coloured tights before, and I was very happy to find a teal pair and brown pair from the brand Lindex. I love how my collection of colourful tights is growing.

And now on to shoes. I haven’t bought a new pair of sneakers in quite a while, but I fell in love with these pastel coloured (last pastel item in this haul, I promise) sneakers from Buffalo. I don’t have any other shoes from Buffalo, so I wasn’t sure about the sizing, but my regular size in sneakers were too big, so I went down one size, and they fit. I wore them the other day, and they were really comfortable.

BEBO is a really affordable shoe brand that among other things makes great dupes of the Amina Muaddi style heels that I’m obsedded with (and you’ll see another pair of those in a few seconds). However, the brand also makes other fun shoes like these clear pumps with the most beautiful heels that are made out of what looks to be big beads. I’m so ready to go to a bunch of parties!

And speaking of the Amina Muaddi style heel these red beauties are also from BEBO, and I think that they are stunning!

Here’s another item that I’d been wanting for a long time. When I found these boots 40% off, I’m sure it was a sign for me to get them. They’re from Topshop, and they’re in this stunning dark burgundy colour. I just love a knee high boot!

The last two pieces are both from Monki, and as you can see, they’re both in denim. I feel like denim accessories have been around before, and I’ve always been intrigued by them, so I thought it was time to try some out. I love Monki shoes. Especially their boots which pretty much all has the same type of block heel and the same fit, and they fit my feet so well. I wore these denim lace up boots last week (they have a zipper on the side), and I loved wearing them. And why not get the matching denim hand bag. It’s a very nice little hand bag that’ll go with so many outfits.

Non-sale collective haul

After several sale hauls, I have a non-sale collective haul to share with you. This haul is a mix of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

I’ve been wanting a long, red coat for a while, and I’ve finally purchased one from H&M. I didn’t wear it out until last Saturday (because I’ve been going nowhere), but it looked great.

Yes, I’ve purchased another matching sweatsuit from H&M, and it’s so comfy, and I’ve already worn it a ton.

And sticking with matching sets, how cute is this lilac, yellow, brown, and white checked suit set? It’s from Monki, and I’ve also already worn this several times, and I’ve loved the looks I’ve created with it.

I don’t feel like I buy new jeans very often, but I love a good flare, and this dark blue wash is so nice. These are also from H&M.

When I saw these two indigo pieces on Monki website, I just couldn’t resist buying them. I definitely want to wear them together and do an all indigo look.

And I have more vests to share with you. This is another Monki vest, however not a sweater vest. I obviously love the colour, and I also really like the rhinestone buttons.

The next two vests are sweater vests, and they’re both from Zara and both are so cute. I wore the cream coloured one with pearls yesterday, and I think I’ll wear the blue one with the clouds tomorrow.

I have one more Zara piece to show you. There was just something about this idyllic nature print and the pastel colours that drew me to this jumper, and so far I’ve had a lot of fun styling it.

I have two pairs of boots to share with you. I’ve been wanting a pair of grey boots for a while, and these calf lengh kitten heel boots from H&M were just it. And look at those lilac knee high croc boots! They’re from Asos, and they are beautiful.

And last, but most certainly not least, I’ve purchased some jewellery. And not any jewellery. Mickey Mouse jewellery. When I saw all of these Mickey Mouse jewellery at H&M website a little while back, my heart skipped a beat. They are all so cute, and I’ve loved wearing them.

Zalando post Christmas/January sale haul

This is my last post Christmas/January sale haul. Finally. This is the smallest of these hauls, and it’s from Zalando.

I’ve added two more Disney T-shirts to my collection, and they’re both super cute. The one with Boo from Monsters Inc. is from Bershka, and the one with Stitch is from PULL&BEAR.

And the rest of the items are shoes. How fun are these cowboy boots from Raid! I love the print and colours, and I have already worn them with an outfit, so stay tuned for that look.

I might have a bit of an obsession with Amina Muaddi style heels, and BEBO makes very great dupes. Both of these pairs are really pretty, and I can’t wait to wear them.

Asos post Christmas/January sale haul

It’s time for the second post Christmas/January sale haul, and these are the items I got from Asos.

Let’s get the Christmas items out of the way. I always like to purchase Christmas clothing on sale, and I bought the following three items from Asos: gingerbread men leggings from Monki (I have the matching T-shirt), blue cropped jumper with Christmas tree print from Asos’ own brand, and a Friends Christmas themed T-shirt also from Asos’ own brand.

I only purchased one more piece of clothing, and it’s this Elton John T-shirt from the brand Vintage Supply. I love Elton John’s music and his style!

And now on to shoes. As you will see, I’ve purchased many pairs of shoes, but this first pair might be my favourite. These shoes are the kind of shoes that you either love or hate, and I love them! They’re from Asos’ own brand (and so are the rest of the items in this haul apart from one pair of shoes), and I love the zipper detail and the chunky soles.

I’ve been seeing different two-toned boots around lately, and I just loved the burgundy and creamy white colour combo on this pair.

I thought these mules were so cute that I had to get them in two versions: satin pink with multicoloured rhinestones, and dark green croc with white rhinestones. When we’ll be able to go to parties again, I want to wear both of these pairs.

And speaking of mules, here are two more summery versions. I love the disco vibes of the silver pair, and I already own and love the turquoise version and the purple version of the Public Desire square sole mules, so I had to get the chocolate brown version as well.

And last, but not least, I’ve purchased two head accessories. You are probably tired of hearing about my obsession with the colour purple, but I mean, just look at that fluffy purple bucket hat. It’s so fun and goes perfectly with all my purple outfits. I also love zebra print and big hair clips, so my last purchase is just that; a big zebra print hair clip.

Collective Black Friday haul: clothes, shoes, and accessories

It’s time for another Black Friday haul. These are the clothes, shoes, and accessories I puchased from various places on Black Friday.

The only clothes I bought was this Coca Cola sweatsuit from H&M, and I’m obsessed! I was never into wearing joggers, not even at home on the weekends, but that changed towards the end of 2020.

I only purchased one pair of shoes around Black Friday as well, and it was these purple boots from Asos that I’d had in my saved items for such a long time. You know how obsessed I am with everything purple, so I thought it was the time to get these.

And now on the accessories. I bought these sunglasses from Asos too, and I just loved the shape and the brown and beige colours. I can’t wait to wear these in a few months.

I also bought another big hair clip (in purple of course) to add to my rather extensive hair accessories collection. This one is from Asos as well.

How adorable is the Mickey Mouse watch! It’s from H&M, and I obviously had to have it.

A little while back I puchased a pair of golden T-Rex earrings from Topshop, and when I found the matching bracelet on Asos’ website, I added it to my cart immediately. I’m really into charm bracelets at the moment.

And speaking of charm bracelets, Trollbeads had such a great Black Friday sale, so I decided to buy the My Sweet Stories bracelet that came with the My Sweet Stories lock, the My Sweet Stories heart (a silver bead), and the My Sweet Stories glass bead (the two on the far right). I also puchased two more glass beads (Zebra and Red/Purple Armadillo) and two more silver beads (Crystal Heart and Singing in the Snow). I know that I’ll get so much wear out of this bracelet.

Collective haul: clothes, shoes, and accessories

I have a collective clothes, shoes, and accessories haul to share with you. I’ve collected these items over the past couple of months I believe, so it’s about time that I post this haul.

Let’s start with a couple of sweater vests. I’m still a fan of this trend, and I thought these two were so cute. The beige, black, grey, and cream one is from Stradivarius, and the purple and navy one is from Daisy Street (both purchased on Asos).

I know that this skirt is out of season right now, but I found it on sale on Monki’s website, and it’s just so pretty. It’s in the same style as this floral skirt, which I loved in the summer.

I have two more items from Monki in this haul. I love fun, cute socks, and these dark plum coloured socks with an embroidered orchid were just too cute to leave behind. Orchids are some of my favourite flowers by the way.

You have already seen me wear these brown animal print furry boots from Monki with this outfit. I was a little afraid that they would be uncomfortable, because of the hight of the heel, but they’re really not. I think I might get a lot of wear out of these.

And now on to another pair of boots. These chunky boots are from Asos, and I love the style and thought the colour was quite unique.

Here’s a couple of pretty, festive headbands; perfect for this time of year (or all year round if you are addicted to glitter and sparkles like I am).

Last up; jewellery. The ear studs with the bowls of confetti are from Flying Tiger, and I was obviously drawn to the confetti part. Not sure how I feel about the studs though. I’m loving the golden T-Rex earrings from Topshop though. Aren’t they just the cutest? And lastly, I’ve bought two rings from Asos. I love both of these rings, and I have already worn both of them so much.

Another collective Zalando haul

It’s time for a collective Zalando haul. I’ve purchased most of these items a month or two ago, so it’s about time that I get to post this haul.

This fleece cardigan/jacket from Monki is incredibly soft and I of course love the colours (remember my obsession with everything purple).

This purple corduroy shirt is also from Monki, and it’s the same colour as my purple corduroy trousers, and I have actually already worn them together.

The last clothing piece from Monki in this haul is this dusty green short sleeve blazer. I have also worn this, and it’s such a fun piece and great for layering.

Moving on to Bershka and a bunch of Disney pieces. Most of them have Mickey Mouse prints, but I also got this Disney princess oversized sweatshirt, which is super comfy.

This jumper (also from Bershka) is just so cute, and I had to have it. I have already worn it, and I wore it with the jeans below.

These wide leg jeans are just great. They are really long, which looks great when paired with heels, but they also work with sneakers when cuffed. They’re from Bershka as well.

And now on to a few accessories. This Mickey Mouse belt bag is from PULL&BEAR and it’s so cute and appears very roomy as well. And that was the last Disney piece.

I had a zebra print bucket hat as a child that I loved, so I’ve been wanting a zebra print bucket hat to fit my adult head. This one is from Bershka, and I’m really excited to style it.

And now, shoes. I’ve been wanting a pair of chunky black shoes and was happy to find these ones from Bershka. I’ve worn them a couple of times, but sadly I’ve gotten hand sanitizer on them, and it won’t come of. Any advice on how to remove hand sanitizer from shoes?

Here’s another pair of black chunky shoes but in boot form. These are from PULL&BEAR, and they’re just a great stable to have in your wardrobe.

Last, but not least, I have purchased these awesome two toned knee high boots from Monki. I initially purchased them on Monki’s website, but they were sold out or something, so I was happy to see them on Zalando and purchased them immediately.

Huge Asos haul part 1

I have a huge two part Asos haul to share with you. This first part is clothes, shoes and a bag. The second part is jewellery and hair accessories.

When we get closer to Christmas, I’ll be posting my annual Christmas clothing haul with pieces that are new this season. However, I’ve also purchased a few Christmas jumpers, or in this case sweashirts, from last year on sale. The first one is from Monki and has a very dainty silver embroidered Christmas tree on it. The other two are both from Asos’ men’s department, and you know I can’t resist a Disney print, and I love Home Alone; it’s such a classic Christmas film.

Fitted roll neck tops are stables in my wardrobe, and since I’m obsessed with everything purple, I thought I would add this lilac one from Stradivarius to my ever growing roll neck top collection.

And now on to a couple of graphic T-shirts with two musical artists that I love. The Fleetwood Mac T-shirt is from Asos’ own brand, and the Whitney Houston T-shirt is from Daisy Street.

One of my other obsessions, besides everything purple, is corduroy. Corduroy trousers have been my go-tos for autumn and winter for the past 3 years or so, and I want them in all colours. For now I’ve added this pair of steel blue ones from Weekday.

I couldn’t resist these dino socks, and they came with light blue pair as well. They’re from Asos’ own brand.

I’ve also purchased three pairs of shoes. Three very different pairs of shoes. It’s finally boot season, and I really liked the zebra print hiker style boots (from Asos’ own brand). The platform loafers are from Raid, and they’re very Gucci like and perfect for ’70s inspired looks. And the last pair is just some super pretty fuchsia pink velvet heels also from Asos’ own brand.

Last, but not least, the prettiest belt bag ever. The picture doesn’t do it justice, because this belt bag from Skinnydip has the most amazing holographic rhinestones all over the front of the bag, and I love it.