5 favourites – January

So I thought: new year – new feature on the blog. I know that showing your favourite items/things of the month isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, but it is kind of new to me (I made this post about a year ago though). These favourites doesn’t necessarily all have to be fashion or beauty related; it can be pretty much anything that I’ve been loving the given month. I’m going to make these posts on the last day of every month, so without further ado, here are my January favourites:

Grå Air Max Command - Nike

Nike Air Max sneakers: I know, you’ve seen quite a lot of these the past month, but being limited to only two pairs of shoes, the other pair being winter boots, I didn’t really have any other choice but to wear these. I have to say though that they are really comfortable and that I in general really like them, so you are going to see a lot more of them in the future.


e.l.f. Eye Manual eyeshadow palette: I’ve been using this eyeshadow palette pretty much everyday since I got it in December. The colours are absolutely beautiful and they match so well together. Love it.

The Vampire Diaries season 2

The Vampire Diaries – season 2: I got the second season of The Vampire Diaries as the first gift on my Christmas gift calendar last month (I got the first season on my gift calendar in 2012), and I decided to bring it to England so I’d had bit of entertainment, at least for a little while. I finished it last Monday I think, and it was great entertainment. I’ve watched season 1 and 2 on TV before, but it was years ago, so I didn’t mind watching it again. I have only watched the first two seasons though, so I’m looking forward to watch the other seasons.


Chocolate Chip Digestive Biscuits: I probably have the world’s biggest sweet tooth (actually I have a mouth full of sweet teeth), especially when it comes to candy, but this month I’ve been really fond of these chocolate chip Digestive biscuits. I’ve always liked Digestive biscuits, and these chocolate chip ones are the best I’ve tasted so far.

Something Like You – ‘N Sync: I love boybands and I’m not ashamed of it;) I got two ‘N Sync CD’s for Christmas (‘N Sync is my favourite boyband by the way), and I’ve been listening to this cheasy love pop ballad countless times this past month. What I love about ‘N Sync, besides their catchy pop songs (which is pretty much all about love) and lovely boyband dance moves, is their beautiful harmonies. When they all sing together it sounds quite amazing, I think.