5 favourites – May

Where did May go? I really can’t believe that May is already gone and that the first month of summer starts tomorrow. May was such a great month. Probably the best month of 2014 so far. I got to see Scouting for Girls live at a big party with two lovely ladies, I handed in my last assignment for this semester, I went home to Denmark to be a part of my youngest sister’s confirmation which was such a lovely day (outfit will be on the blog soon), I went to the McBusted concert in Nottingham and went on several other day trips around England, so I would say that May did me good. My stay here in England is soon coming to an end, and I’ll make a post about my stay here when I’m back in Denmark, but for now I’ll share with you 5 favourites from the month of May:)


Batiste Dry Shampoo Fresh Cool & Crisp: I usually don’t get very excited about hair products, but I do love dry shampoo and I’d been wanting to try out one of the Batiste ones for a while. As I wrote here, I wanted one with a fresh scent. I can’t describe what this one smells like, but it sure is a fresh scent and I think it works incredibly well too, so I’m a fan:)


Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear concealer (shade: Fair 1): This is actually not particularly a May favourite; it’s been an absolute favourite since I bought the first one (the bottom one in the picture) in March, but I thought I would mention it now since I bought a stock of this concealer. I love that it comes in a very fair shade, because it can be difficult to find a good concealer colour wise when you have rather fair skin. Other than that it just does the job of covering spots/blemishes and under eye darkness as well. As you can see the text wears off really quickly, but if that doesn’t bother you I would definitely recommend this concealer.


Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain (colour: 045 Romantic): I’ve been really into wearing red lips the past month or so, and this balm stain from Revlon has been my favourite shade (I’m wearing it here and here). And then let me just mention again how much I love these balm stains. If you’re a girl who loves lip products and you haven’t tried these, you’re missing out on something great. Just saying:)


Good Mythical Morning (Youtube channel): I watch a lot (emphasis on lot) of Youtube videos daily, and Good Mythical Morning has become a part of my daily routine:) I’d heard about Rhett and Link before and their main channel on Youtube, but it wasn’t until a stumbled upon GMM that I found out how hilarious these guys are. I’m still not convinced by their main channel, but I’m loving GMM and it definitely makes a great start to my day:)


McBusted concert: This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but the McBusted concert I went to on May 20 was the highlight of my month! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and it fulfilled all of my expectations and even more than that. It was a night that I’ll remember for the rest of my life:)

More MUA


I feel like I need to take advantage of the fact that I’m in England and therefore buy a lot of products from make-up brands we do not have in Denmark such as MUA. I also feel like I need to take advantage of all the 3 for 2 sales both Superdrug and Boots have literally all the time. So a while ago I got these six MUA products, but only paid for four of them because of the 3 for 2 sales. I bought three eye liners; another white one similiar to the one I already got, but I use it almost every day, so I needed to stock up:) I also got two more of the Intense Glitter eye liners; one called Turquoise and one called Jade Jewel. I’m loving the MUA powder blushers so I bought the two last colours, Marshmallow and Bon Bon, so now my collection’s complete:) I also decided to try out one of the cream blushers and I chose the one called Bittersweet. And lastly I bought the MUA Ever After matte eye shadow palette which I had considered to buy for quite a while, and I have used it almost every day since I bought it. It’s really nice to have an all matte neutral eye shadow palette, because a lot of eye shadow palettes lack matte shades. I know the blog (and I) have gone a bit make-up crazy, but my love for make-up continues to grow bigger and bigger, and I have a lot more make-up related posts just waiting to be done:)

Favourite Kate

DSC_2517Kate Moss 12 1

Here’s the make-up I wore with this outfit. I’m wearing a new Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick (also known as a Kate Moss lipstick) in number 12. This is my favourite Kate Moss lipstick I’ve got so far. I found it in a box with random make-up items when I was in Denmark during the Easter Holidays and it was half off. It’s just such a beautiful red shade with an orange undertone I would say. On my lips I’m also wearing my MUA Intense Colour lip liner in Red Drama (see this post).

Black with a pop of red

DSC_2511 rediDSC_2514 rediDSC_2515

Here’s what I wore Monday May 5. It’s not very often that I wear an all black outfit, but when I do I still like to add a pop of colour and what better way to that than with red lipstick (and red nails). I’ll post a close-up of my make-up tomorrow.

(Skirt + cardigan – H&M, T-shirt – Gina Tricot, tights – Primark, bracelets – Spinning, slip-ons – Topshop)

Half red, half silver


A party look is not complete without matching nails, so I decided to go with red and silver (the same two nail polishes I’m wearing here) with this party outfit. I know that I could have cleaned up the nail polish that came on my skin around the nails better, but it’s just so damn difficult if you don’t wanna ruin the nail polish on the actual nails. Do anyone have a good tip on how to properly remove the nail polish around the nails? The good old cotton bud doesn’t always do the job.

Party face


Here’s the make-up I wore with my party outfit. On my eyes I’m wearing my Rimmel Glam’eyes quad in 001 Smokey Noir, Maybelline The Falsies mascara, a couple of individual false eyelashes on the outer corners of my lashes, and my MUA Intense Colour eyeliner in Snow White on my waterline. On my lips I’m wearing my beloved Revlon Colorburst balm stain in 045 Romantic.

Party night


In the beginning of May I mentioned that I was going to a huge party (I mentioned it here), and this is what I wore. I love the dress and had been wanting to wear it for a really long time and thought that night was the perfect opportunity. I’m sorry about the bad quality pictures though, and my facial expressions which are a bit freaky, and the awkward pose on the second picture, but these are the best pictures of my outfit that I got. I spent the night with two lovely ladies and we had a great time. There was a lot of live music and the highlight of the night was definitely watching and singing along to Scouting for Girls:)

(Dress – Tsega, bag – Aura, bracelet – bought in Paris, heels – Shoe Biz)

3 x MUA

3x MUA 2

I have written about the MUA Luxe Velvet lacquers several times (e.g. here and here) and I really like them, so when the coral version was back in store I didn’t consider a second whether to buy it or not. I’ve never really used lip pencils/liners, but especially when wearing red lipstick it’s nice to have a guide line, so I bought the MUA Intense Colour lip liner in Red Drama and like the white eye liner I’m very fond of, this lip liner is really soft. Because I love the white MUA eye liner I thought I would give one of the Intense Glitter eye liners a try, and I was curious about this cobbery brown one called Malt Chocolate. Sadly, it’s not as soft as the other eye liner and the lip liner and I think it might have something to do with the glitter. It’s still very pigmented and the colour is lovely and for £1 I don’t think you’re aloud to complain:)

Invisible eyes, not so invisible lips


I wore this make-up look Thursday May 1. On my eyes I’m wearing the Revlon Shadowlinks, and you can see why I’m not impressed with them. To add up for the invisble eye make-up I decided to try out my purple MUA Luxe Velvet lip lacquer, and it sure is purple. It will probably never become my go-to lip colour, but I do like it, and I will definitely wear it on days where I feel like wearing a kick-ass, bold lip colour:)


DSC00215DSC_2988 redi

In this post I mentioned that something extremely exciting was happening that night and based on the title and pictures in this post you have probably already guessed what it was. Yes, I went to the McBusted concert in Nottingham Tuesday night and it was one of the best nights of my life. I’ve been a huge McFly fan since I was 14 and I’ve been listening to Busted since that time as well, so when I found out that the two bands had formed a supergroup and were going on tour while I would be in England, I had to go to one of their concerts. I went and it was even more amazing than I’d imagined it. I was standing/sitting quite far from the stage, but I could still see the whole stage, and at some point they came down from the ceiling on a flying saucer closer to where I was standing, so I managed to get a couple of okay pictures like the one above. As you can see on the second picture I bought a tour T-shirt, and I can’t wait to style in different ways. To sum up it was a night that I will never forget:)