Another huge H&M haul

It’s only been about a month since I last posted a big H&M haul, but I’m ready with another one. I guess H&M have had some great stuff lately. I’ll start with tops, then go on to bottoms, and finish with accessories and shoes.

You’ve probably discovered that I have a huge weakness when it comes to Disney clothing. I’m especially fond of T-shirts with some sort of Disney print on them, so I had to add these three to my ever growing collection. They’re all adorable.

They next tree tops have a common theme as well; purple. I’m obsessed with everything purple, and you’ll see that in many of my upcoming posts. I know the button up top is green, but it has purple flowers on it, and I love green and purple together. I thought the smock top would be nice for dressier (is that a word?) occasions, and the lilac tank top is the same as the dark yellow one I’ve been loving this summer.

Autumn is approaching which means that it’s time to wear roll neck tops again, and I’m so excited. I’ve talked about H&M roll neck tops before, and how H&M comes out with different colours and patterns of these roll neck tops several times a year, and this is one of the new ones; blue, white, and lilac (once again) little flowers. It’s so pretty.

And now; blazers. I love blazers. They are stables in my wardrobe. I found the beige short sleeve blazer on sale and thought it would be really fun to style. And of course I had to have the oversized purple blazer considering my purple obsession. The grey oversized blazer has matching shorts, so now I have another shorts suit.

And these are the shorts, and they’re the perfect fit and length.

And from shorts to trousers. I’ve bought a new pair of black slacks, which is something I’ve had in my wardrobe for years and years, though I haven’t had a pair in 6 months or longer. I also ordered the matching blazer, but I didn’t like the fit of that, so I just kept the slacks, which I really like. I’ve also purchased two pairs of jeans: a pair of cropped kick flare jeans and a pair of longer wide legged jeans. I’m excited to wear both pairs.

I’ve purchased a couple of skirts as well. Other than purple I’ve also been loving orange and pink, and this orange and pink checked pleated skirt is so pretty. It’s actually featured in my next outfit post. The second skirt is a little ’90s inspired I guess, and it has a more muted purple colour to it, though still purple:)

All we have left now are a couple of accessories and a pair of shoes. I love all kinds of hair accessories, and I have a wide range of scrunchies. I’ve now added a houndstooth one and a black polka dot organza one to my collection. It’s also time to wear scarfs again, and this little white one with beach things on it is really cute.

And I’ve already shown you these strappy lilac heels, because I featured them in my August 5 favourites, so obviously I love them.

Huge H&M haul – summer clothes and accessories

A little while ago I ordered a bunch of stuff from H&M’s online shop, and I’ve also picked up a few pieces in store, so I thought I would put them all together in one huge H&M haul. 

Lyserød maxikjole m. pufærmer - H&M

This might be the dress of the summer. I’d seen it in a couple of places when I bought it, but it has definitely risen in popularity since. I actually haven’t worn it yet, but I’m planning on wearing it soon.

Rød midi nederdel m. paperbag talje - H&MHvid midi nederdel m. lyserøde og blå blomster - H&M

I actually haven’t worn most of the items in this haul, because the summer weather went away around the time I received my H&M parcel. However, it looks like the summer is coming back, so I’ll definitely be pulling out a bunch of these items among others these two really cute midi skirts.

Sort og hvid stribet T-shirt m. Coca Cola flaske - H&MBeige T-shirt m. sorte prikker og skilt - H&M

I bought these two T-shirts which will both look great paired with the red skirt. I recently got rid of the black and white striped T-shirt I had, so I’m excited to have a new one with a cute Coca Cola bottle on the chest. I’m still loving polka dots, and the polka dot T-shirt is one of the few items in this haul that I have worn.

Hvid crop top m. pufærmer - H&MRød top m. pufærmer - H&MHvid top m. solsikkeprint og knapper - H&MLyserød off-shoulder crop top - H&M

Apparently, I’m really into a puffy sleeve at the moment. I bought the white top to go with the floral skirt, and the red top would look great with the red skirt. The sunflower top I bought in store, and I’ve already worn that. It’s so cute and summery. So is the pink cropped top.

Hvid top m. citron print - H&M

I also purchased another style of lemon top to go with my lemon skirt, and I have worn this one is well.

Lyserød og beige stråtaske - H&MRød baguette - H&M

And now on to accessories. For some reason I’ve been purchasing a lot of bags lately among others these two from H&M. Both were on sale, and I thought the straw bag with the pink details was a great summer bag, and I thought the red baguette would be fun to style.

Mickey Mouse strømper (H&M)

I don’t wear socks often these days, but when autumn hits, I’ll be excited to wear these fun Mickey Mouse socks.


I’m still loving headbands, and I’ve been wanting a pearl one for a while.

Guldfarvede hoops m. perlerDSC_1563DSC_1561

I’m also still loving big and fun earrings and added these three pairs to my collection.


Ans last but not least, I found these Merry Xmas hair clips on sale, and I know it’s a little early, but I couldn’t leave these behind.

A big collective haul

Over the past month or maybe a little longer, I’ve been collecting a bunch of different clothing items, shoes, and accessories, and I thought it was time to haul them all. So that’s what this post is; a big collective haul.

Pink oversized blazer - MonkiPink shorts - Monki

In my latest “Film style icon” post about Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman, I talked about shorts suits and mentioned that I had purchased one. When I found this hot pink shorts suit from Monki, I knew it was just what I had been looking for. I’ve already worn it twice, and I can’t wait to style it again.

Periwinkle og grå mønstret skjorte - second hand

I recently went second hand shopping for the first time since before the lock down, but I didn’t find much. I was a little disappointed by the selection to be honest. However, I did find this periwinkle and grey shirt; I have a weakness when it comes to these kinds of shirts, and I really liked the colour scheme of this one.

Sort midi nederdel m. beige mælkebøttemønster - Topshop

I love wearing skirts in the summer, and I prefer midi skirts. This Topshop skirt is something between a midi and a maxi skirt, but I just loved the silhouette and the dandelion print.

Røde sneakers m. Anders And - Call It Spring

I have three pairs of shoes to share with you in this haul. First up are these cute Donald Duck sneakers from a brand called Call It Spring. You probably know that I’m a sucker for anything Disney related, and I’ve been wanting a pair of red sneakers for a long time, so I had to have these.

Sorte læder mules m. træhæl - Asos

These black leather mules are from Asos, and I’d had them in my saved items for so long, so when I saw that they were on sale, I finally decided to get them. I love the fun wooden heel, and they’re just so versatile.

Orange quilted mules - Topshop

Another pair of shoes that I’ve been lusting over for so long are these tangerine coloured quilted mules from Topshop. They are really comfortable, and I love the colour; they’re so summery.

Lilac håndtaske - Mango

How cute is the little lilac hand bag from Mango! As soon as I saw it, I bought it.

PerlekædeOrange halskæde

Next up, necklaces. The pearl necklace is from a brand called sweet deluxe. I love pearl jewellery and this necklace gives my Carrie Bradshaw vibes, and I’m all about that. The orange necklace is another second hand find. I really love orange at the moment, and I thought this necklace was so fun.


I’ve bought three more pairs of big earrings (they’re one of my obsessions at the moment). These first two pairs were purchased at the same time, and as you can see they are a similar style. The pink ones are from Topshop, and the yellowy ones are from Pieces.

Lilac øreringe (Topshop)

I bought these lilac earrings from Topshop at the same time as the lilac Mango bag, and I thought the two would make a great pairing.

T-Rex hoops

This last pair of earrings I didn’t buy myself. These cute T-Rex hoops from Lisa Angel was an anniversary present from my boyfriend, and I love them!

Darling hårspænde fra SkinnydipHårspænde m. kirsebær

Lastly, I’ve purchased these two cute hair clips. The one that says “Darling” in multicoloured rhinestones is from Skinnydip, and the pink glitter one with the cherry is from Flying Tiger. Both will be great with cute summer outfits.

Summery H&M haul

It’s time for another H&M haul (it’s been alomst 4 months since my last H&M haul), and this one is a pretty summery one.

Hvid T-shirt m. Mickey og Minnie Mouse print - H&M

My soft spot for Disney clothing will probably never go away. This cute Mickey and Minne Mouse T-shirt has a slightly oversized fit, and I love the pop of lilac (it goes very well with a pair of trousers you’ll see further down in the haul).

Mørkegul tanktop - H&M

I don’t remember the last time I bought and wore a tank top/vest, but there’s something about this dark yellow colour and the shape that has a retro vibe to it, so I decided to give a go. I’ve already worn it a couple of times, and I really like it.

Hvid crop top m. citronprint - H&MHvid midi nederdel m. citronprint - H&M

How cute is this lemon set! As soon as I saw the skirt, I knew I had to have it. It’s the same style as my black and white polka dot skirt that I love so much. And I love that you could get a matching top; when worn together they almost look like a dress. I haven’t actually worn it yet, but I’m planning on wearing it for a special occation next week.

Lavendel bukser m. vide - H&M

And on to the trousers that go so well with the Mickey and Minnie T-shirt. I’ve been wanting these wide leg lilac trousers since I first saw them, and when they went on sale, I finally puchased them. The sizing is on the bigger size, so I bought them one size smaller than I usually would, and that was a good choice. They are also a little sheer, so I’ve worn them with white cycle shorts underneath.

Citron øreringeSimilihoops (3 pk)Øreringe og earcuffs fra H&M

And now on to accessories. I obviously had to have the cute lemon earrings to go with the lemon set. I’ve also been wanting some rhinestone hoops, and the pack with three different sizes is pretty much exactly what I’d been looking for. Lastly (in terms of ear jewellery), I thought it would be fun to play with earcuffs, since I only have hole in each ear lobe, so I bought this pack of a bunch of different earrings and earcuffs.

Armbånd (2 pk) fra H&MAnkelkæde fra H&M

I also bought some golden bracelets and a golden ankle bracelet/anklet (what’s the right term?), because I wanted some more golden jewellery options.

Sort flettet hårbøjle

The last accessory I bought is this black braided headband. I didn’t have a simple black headband, and I thought this one was cute.

H&M neglelakker

An last but not least, I purchased three nail polishes. H&M nail polishes are actually really good, and I love these three colours. The first one which looks a bit like an oil slick in the bottle (though it’s more golden in real life) is called Precious, the green metallic one is called Persephone, and the yellow one it called Cream Saffron. I thought these were really nice summery colours.

January sales: Zalando + Asos part 1

It’s time for another January sales haul. This time it’s a Zalando + Asos haul, and I’m dividing it into two parts. This first part is clothes, shoes, and accessories. The second part is jewellery.

Orange skjorte m. dinosaur print - Topman

The only clothing item in this haul is this incredible dinosaur shirt from Topman. A women’s brand would never make a shirt like this, and I think it’s the coolest shirt ever, so I don’t care that it’s from a men’s brand. I bought it in a size XS, and it fits perfectly.

Beige knælange slangeprint støvler - Asos

I’ve been wanting a pair of knee high snake print boots for ages, and these Asos ones are real leather and I got them more than 50% off! I’m so excited about styling these.

Mørkegrøn boxy taske m. lilla og grøn cirkel rem + grøn skulderrem - Asos

Green and purple is one of my favourite colour combos, so this Asos bag spoke to me. I love the handle made of green and purple circles, and the forest green colour is just really pretty in general.

Brunt bælte m. tortoiseshell spænde - GlamorousSølvfarvet kædebælte - Asos

I’ve purchased two belts. The first one is from the brand Glamorous, and I really liked the colour of the belt and the tortoise shell buckle. The other belt is a silver chain belt from Asos. I’ve been wanting a chain belt for a while, and this one is just what I was looking for.


I’m hoping to see more of the sun soon, so I can wear all my cute sunglasses, including these new oval baby blue ones from Asos.


You’ve probably noticed how much I love hair accessories of all kinds, so I’ve added some more hair clips to my collection. All of these are from Asos.


I also love headbands, and I didn’t have a red one, which is strange considered how often I wear something red. This headband is from a brand called My Accessories London.

Asos haul: shoes and hair accessories

I purchased a handful of things from Asos a little while back, and I thought I would share them with you.

Brun, karrygul, beige og blå western mules - Asos

I love fun shoes, and this western inspired mules sure are fun. I can’t wait to style them!


I’m still obsessed with headbands, so I added some more to my collection. I’ve already posted a couple of looks with the black one; it’s been perfect for holiday party looks.


I also love hair clips of all sorts, and these big matte solid coloured ones are great additions to my hair accessories collection.

Big Christmas clothing haul

It’s time for this year’s Christmas clothing haul, which is probably my favourite haul of the year. I have a bunch of jumpers, a sweater vest, a lot of socks, and a couple of accessories to share with you, so let’s get to it.

Sort sweater m. tinsoldat og ballerina i pailletter - Topshop

Let’s start with the prettiest (and most expensive) jumper. This beauty is from Topshop, and it was love at first sight. I love everything that sparkles, and the sequin work on this jumper is stunning. This jumper is not too in your face, so it’ll be perfect for holiday parties.

Navy + mulitfarvet oversized sweater m. sne og bjerge - Monki

This Monki jumper is probably more of a winter jumper than a Christmas jumper (in my opinion), but that just means that it can be worn in November as well (which I obviously did). It’s long and oversized and so cosy, and I love the bright colours. I will definitely wear this every year from now on.

Rød og blå stribet sweater m. snemænd og juletræer - Vila

And from an oversized jumper to a more fitted one. This one is from Vila, and I just loved the colours and design.

Rød rullekravetrøje m. slikstokke - Asos

I always look at men’s Christmas jumpers as well, because I often find some really great ones like this roll neck, candy cane goodness from Asos.

Sort sweater m. guirlander af julepynt inkl. bjælder og pompommer - VRS

This one is ugly and over the top, but in a great way. It’s from my local supermarket’s brand VRS, and it has pom poms and bells, and I love that.

Cremefarvet sweater m. slikstok i pailletter - H&M

This jumper is way more subtle, and I’ve actually already worn it. It’s from H&M, and it also have some stunning sequin work on it. I really love the fit and shape of it too.

Grå sweatervest m. julemotiver - H&M

When I saw this sweater vest in the men’s section of H&M, I had to have it. How adorable is this! I can’t wait to style it.


And now on to the socks. H&M has a lot of cute Christmas socks this year. They have a 3 for 2 deal on socks and tights so I got these three pairs.


I also got this 5 pack from H&M with slightly more subtle, but still cute Christmas socks.


From my local supermarket, I got these three pairs of glitter socks. So cute!


I’ve purchased two chrismassy accessories. You might have noticed that I really like candy canes, so I couldn’t resist getting this candy cany striped scrunchie from Asos.


Lastly, I also purchased this Christmas tree necklace on Asos’ website, and I’ve already worn it a couple of times.

Asos haul pt. 2 – accessories

Here’s pt. 2 of my Asos shoes and accessories haul; the accessories. You can check out pt. 1 here.


I’m still obsessed with all kinds of hair accessories; headbands, hair clips, scrunchies etc. Headbands with rhinestones or any kind of stone are everywhere these days, and I thought this pink velvet one was really pretty.

DSC_8536Hårspænder 5 stk

I’ve also purchased some more hair clips. As if I didn’t have enough already.

Pink strømpebukser

I’ve been on the hunt for colourful tights lately, and I found these pink ones on Asos. Tights are a must in autumn and winter in Denmark, so why not wear colourful ones.


Fun socks are a another obsession of mine. They add a little extra something to an outfit. I obviously loved the dinosaur ones (since I’m obsessed with dinosaurs as well), and I thought the ’80s looking ones and the argyle ones were fun too.

Zalando haul: lots of shoes

I’ve been doing a lot of shopping these past couple of months, and I’m really excited about all the things I’ve purchased. This is a Zalando haul with only one piece of clothing and lots of shoes and accessories.

Grå sweatshirt m. Anders And print - Bershka

The only piece of clothing in this haul is this Donald Duck sweatshirt from Bershka. I love a good piece of Disney clothing, and this sweatshirt is so nice. I love the laughing Donald Duck and the boxy, relaxed fit.

Hvide Air Force 1 Sage m. blå, orange og mint detaljer - Nike

And now for the shoes. I’ve had these Nike Air Force 1 Sage sneakers in my saved items since they released, and when they went on sale, I had to have them. They’re my first pair of Air Force 1’s, and I love the style, and they are super comfy. I loved this particular pair because of the colour scheme.

Sorte Cortez m. hvide detaljer - Nike

I know what you’re thinking; another pair of Nike Cortez sneakers, really? Yes! This is my favourite style of sneaker, and I really wanted a black pair. To be honest, this is probably not my last pair of Cortezs.

Brune og sorte tigermønstrede knælange støvler - Raid

I’m on the hunt for a pair of brown knee high boots, and in my search I stumbled upon these Raid tiger print boots. I’m still obsessed with animal print, and these are so fun, so I ordered them, and I love them.

Hvide og sorte zebramønstrede støvler m. similistenhæl - Topshop

And speaking of animal print, these zebra print boots from Topshop had been in my saved items for months and months, so I thought it was about time that they became mine. I’ve always loved zebra print and look at the sparkly heel! So pretty.

Støvgrønne mules - Monki

I know summer is over, but these dusty green mules from Monki are another pair of shoes, I’ve been wanting for quite a while, and they were one sale, so I had to get them. I’m looking forward to wear these next summer.

Beige, hvid og sort leopardmønstret shopper - Topshop

I’ve purchased two leopard (or some other big cat) print bags both from Topshop. I’ve been wanting a bigger bag for a while, and this one is so nice.

Brun og sort leopardmønstret håndtaske m. rem - Topshop

The other bag leopard print bag is this little number. You can wear it either as a hand bag or a shoulder bag, and I think it’s the perfect printed bag to wear with most outfits, because of the neutral colour scheme.

Glimmer hårbøjle fra Topshop

Lastly, I got this glittery colourful headband from Topshop. You have actually already seen this in my most recent 5 favourites post, because I just love headbands at the moment.

5 favourites – September

The first month of autumn is now over, which means that we’re one month closer to December:) Work is super busy these days, but the autumn break is just around the corner, and I can’t wait! But first, here are some of my favourite things from the past month.

Rød quilted jakke m. blomstermønster og fløjlskrave - Monki

Red quilted jacket: In my May favourites, I featured the navy version of this jacket, and this red one has definitely become a favourite as well. I just love the quilted fabric, the shape of the jacket, and the corduroy details.

Beige baggy bukser m. lynlåse - second hand

Beige baggy trousers: I bought these trousers second hand about a year ago, and I’ve definitely worn them throughout the year, but this month I seem to have worn them quite a bit. They’re a part of one of my favourite outfits I’ve worn this year (which I’ll post soon), so I think it was about time that I’d feature them in a favourites post.


Headbands: I’m a huge fan of hair accessories, and my favourite kind this past month has been the headband. This is just a selection of the ones I’ve worn, and I have a feeling that I’ll continue to wear them for a while.


Wet n Wild Photofocus pressed powder (shade: Warm Light): I often go for a translucent powder, but I’ve really enjoyed using this coloured powder from Wet n Wild. It’s great for days where I’ve have lots of break-outs, because it provides more coverage than a translucent powder (obviously), but it’s not heavy or cakey on the skin.

Elton John plade

The Very Best of Elton John (record): I found some great records at a fleamarket this summer, among those this Elton John one. It contains two double sided records, and they’re filled with classic Elton John songs. It’s been my go-to record this past month.