Asos haul – shoes, accessories, and make-up

It’s time for another Asos haul. This haul is a mix of shoes, accessories, and make-up.

I’ve purchased two pairs of Converse. These ones are the Chuck Taylor Lift Sunshine sneakers, and I just love the colours. They’re so perfect for ’70s inspired looks.

The other pair that I got are the Run Star Hike pride sneakers. I’ve been wanting a pair of Run Star Hike sneakers, and this rainbow version seemed perfect. They’re so fun and comfortable.

Let’s move on to accessories. I picked up these gold coloured bracelets from Asos’ own brand, because I always seem to miss gold coloured bracelets in my jewellery collection. I’ve worn all of these, and I really like them.

These are the rest of the accessories – all from Asos own brand. My favourites are the lime earrings and the dinosaur key ring (which I’ve been using as a bag charm).

For make-up I’ve got two I Heart Revolution x Disney collections to share with you. The first one is the I Heart Revolution x Disney Fairytale Books palette, heart highlighter, and lipgloss in Ariel/The Little Mermaid.

The palette looks like and opens like a book, and on the left side you get three blushers and three highlighters, and on the right side you get 18 eyeshadows.

And here’s a closer look at the heart highlighter; so pretty.

The second I Heart Revolution x Disney collection that I got is the The Aristocats Marie collection. I picked up the eyeshadow palette and two highlighters.

This is what the palette looks like on the inside. It’s so cute with the little paw prints in the matte eyeshadows.

The two highlighters are called Duchess (a light gold) and Beloved (a light pink). They’re both very pretty. There will be more Disney make-up in upcoming hauls:)

Another huge Lyko haul

Lyko has been one of my go-to webshops for purchasing make-up in 2021. Especially drugstore/affordable make-up and brands like Essence and Catrice, which aren’t widely available. So I have another huge Lyko haul to share with you today.

I think I purchased the entire Essence #pinkandproud limited edition line. It contains the Brave nail polish in 01 Be Brave. And Never Regret!, the Powerful Lash Princess Curl & Volume mascara in 01 You Can And You Will! (I’ll be posting a first impressions on this mascara at some point), the Unstoppable scunchie & hair clips, the Strong soapy brow styler in 01 Stronger Than Yesterday!, the Wonderful baked blushlighter in 01 Believe In Yourself!, and the Not Sorry glitter lipstick in 01 Sorry, Not Sorry!.

I’ve already featured this soapy brow styler in a favourites post, so I obviously really like this product.

This product is described as a blushlighter. I would wear it as a blush, but it has a strong golden glow/shift to it. Sadly, it came broken, and since I’ve purchased another very similar product (which is also featured in this haul), I might declutter this one and keep the other one.

The last product in the Essence #pinkandproud line is this hot pink glitter lipstick. I didn’t expect too much of it considered the price, but this lipstick is very pigmented and very glittery. I’m quite impressed by it.

I also purchased a few more products from Essence and a couple of other items. From Essence I also got the Let the Party Glow On! Shine Last & Go! gel nail polish in 23 Party Time, The Blush in 80 Breezy, an eyeshadow in 20 Cream, and the Soft & Precise lip pencil in 5 Legendary. Then I got a back up of my favourite nail polish top coat form Rimmel (the Nail Nurse Base & Top Coat), and the new-ish Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless primer, which I’ve been using a lot lately, because it contains SPF 20, and I really like it.

The rest of the products in this haul are from Catrice. I got two Jewel Overload Limited Edition brushes, the presicion eye brush and the blender brush, and the rest I’ll be splitting in to smaller sections.

Let’s start with face products. I got the HD Active Performance Freezing Spray, which is a long wear setting spray, and so far I’m really enjoying this product. It’s cooling and it smells nice, and I do think it makes the make-up last longer. Next, I picked up the One Step Skin Perfector, which is supposed to be a tinted primer with SPF 20. I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m not sure if it really is skin perfecting. Then I picked up the Clean ID High Cover Luminous Matt foundation in 004 Light Almond. I’ve used this foundation a couple of times, but it has a very peachy undertone, and it’s not my favourite colour match. The last product in this section is the True Skin High Cover Concealer in 005 Warm Macadamia, which was way too dark on me, so I’ve already gotten rid of it.

Then we have the blush which is extremely similar to the Essence #pinkandproud Wonderful baked blushlighter. This is the Catrice Cheek Lover Oil-Infused blush in 010 Blooming Hibiscus. The shades are almost identical and the finishes are completely identical, so as I mentioned I might just keep this one and declutter the broken Essence one. The highlighter is the Kaviar Gauche highlighter in C01 Glow Couture. The packaging and design on the product are very pretty, and the highlighter itself is pretty too.

For lips I got the Power Full 5 glossy lip oil in 020 Cherry Blossom Glow. It’s quite sheer, but it feels lovely on the lips. I also got the Better Than Fake Lips plumping lip primer in 010 Pump Up The Lips!. It tinkles a little on the lips, but it’s not uncomfortable, however, it’s quite drying, and I don’t think it plumps that much.

Lastly, I got to nail products from Catrice as well. I got the Sleep Proop top coat, which is sleep proof, but it doesn’t make you nail colour last very long. The nail polish is the More Than Nude nail polish in 13 To Be ContiNUDEd. It’s very sheer, so I had to wear three layers to get sort of decent coverage, but then it just looked thick on the nails, so I’m not a fan of this one. I prefer the Essence nail polishes.

Asos post Christmas/January sale haul

It’s time for the second post Christmas/January sale haul, and these are the items I got from Asos.

Let’s get the Christmas items out of the way. I always like to purchase Christmas clothing on sale, and I bought the following three items from Asos: gingerbread men leggings from Monki (I have the matching T-shirt), blue cropped jumper with Christmas tree print from Asos’ own brand, and a Friends Christmas themed T-shirt also from Asos’ own brand.

I only purchased one more piece of clothing, and it’s this Elton John T-shirt from the brand Vintage Supply. I love Elton John’s music and his style!

And now on to shoes. As you will see, I’ve purchased many pairs of shoes, but this first pair might be my favourite. These shoes are the kind of shoes that you either love or hate, and I love them! They’re from Asos’ own brand (and so are the rest of the items in this haul apart from one pair of shoes), and I love the zipper detail and the chunky soles.

I’ve been seeing different two-toned boots around lately, and I just loved the burgundy and creamy white colour combo on this pair.

I thought these mules were so cute that I had to get them in two versions: satin pink with multicoloured rhinestones, and dark green croc with white rhinestones. When we’ll be able to go to parties again, I want to wear both of these pairs.

And speaking of mules, here are two more summery versions. I love the disco vibes of the silver pair, and I already own and love the turquoise version and the purple version of the Public Desire square sole mules, so I had to get the chocolate brown version as well.

And last, but not least, I’ve purchased two head accessories. You are probably tired of hearing about my obsession with the colour purple, but I mean, just look at that fluffy purple bucket hat. It’s so fun and goes perfectly with all my purple outfits. I also love zebra print and big hair clips, so my last purchase is just that; a big zebra print hair clip.

Big collective beauty haul: mainly drugstore

I have a collective beauty haul to share with you. It’s mainly drugstore products, but with a few high end products mixed in.

Let’s start with Essence. Essence is such an affordable brand, and the quality of their products is fantastic in most cases. Like every other beauty brand there are some dud products here and there, but overall their products are great, and I’m on an Essence kick right now where I just want to try everything from the brand. Anyways, Essence often makes cute limited edition collections as well, and when I saw this Disney princess collection, I had to pick up a palette and a mascara. The only palette left at my supermarket was the Snow White palette (02 My Prince Will Come), which is a neutral palette with a few pops of colour, and even though I don’t often go for neutral palettes, I have to say that so far I’m quite impressed with this palette. Some of the shimmers in this palette are stunning! I picked up the Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara (Snow White edition) as well, and ever since I picked it up, I’ve been seeing that mascara everywhere on Youtube, so I’m excited to try it out.

I have two more Essence products to show you before we move on to another great affordable brand. I also purchased the Prime+ Studio Hydrating + Skin Refreshing primer, and shorty after I purchased this I saw it mentioned in a Youtube video as well, which makes me even more excited to try it. I’ve not heard anything about the Brow Pomade + Brush brow product, but I thought it looked interesting.

And now on to e.l.f. The Bite-Size eyeshadow palette is another product I’ve seen and heard a lot about on Youtube, and I wanted to know what all the fuzz was about. First I purchased two (Acai You and Rose Water), and then later on I purchased one more (Truffles). I have tried the first two, and I do like them. Especially the blue one (Acai You) performed very well (I’m actually wearing it one my eyes here).

Here’s the last handful of products I’ve purchased from e.l.f. I purchased another 16hr Camo concealer. I’ve tried it before, but the shade was not right for me (Fair Rose), so this time I picked up a different shade (Fair Warm), and I’m not sure about this shade either. It only looks a tiny bit different to the other shade I have, and they’re both very light, but I’ll give it a try, and we’ll see if it works better, or if fair simply is to fair for me (I didn’t think that would ever happen). I also picked up the Matte Putty primer. The Poreless Putty primer is one of my absolute favourite primers, so I was excited to try the matte version. I’ve only used it once so far, but my skin sure looked matte and stayed matte for the entire time I wore my make-up, so it definitely is what it claims to be, which is great. And lastly, I picked up two more brushes from e.l.f.; a blending brush and a eyebrow duo brush. e.l.f. brushes are really good considered the affordable price.

I’m not done with the drugstore products yet. The only eyeshadow primer/base I’ve used the last couple of years is the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly, but I thought it was time to try out another eyeshadow primer, so I picked up the Milani one (shade: Nude).

I’m very much attracted to anything sparkly, so I picked up the NYX Love Lust Disco lipstick/liptopper in 02 Gold Dipper. I’m not quite sure what kind of look I would use this with, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Okay, time for some back-ups. I don’t always feature back-up/repurchases in my hauls, but I thought I would this time. I don’t try out new foundations very often because I have two favourites that I love so much. It’s the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation in 110 Porcelain and the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover foundation in 100 Warm Ivory. My favourite concealer is the L’Oréal Infaillible More Than Concealer in 322 Ivory, so I repurchase that a lot as well, and the best and most affordable clear brow gel in my opinion is the e.l.f Clear Brow & Lash Mascara, so I’ve gone through countless of those.

Another product that I keep repurchasing is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray. It’s not a cheap product, but it’s the best setting spray I’ve tried, so I’m willing to pay the price of it.

Fenty Beauty is a brand that I’m really enjoying. They’re doing something right. I’d only heard great things about the cream blushes and bronzers (I really want one of the cream bronzers as well!), so I decided to give the blushes a go (for now). They’re called the Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blushes and I got the shades Petal Poppin (02) and Fuego Flush (01). So far I’ve only worn Fuego Flush, but it was really pretty. I can’t wait to play with these some more.

Lastly, I have a skin care item and a hair care item. In my 5 favourites from November, I featured the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash from The Body Shop. I’m still using and enjoying that. And in my Black Friday collective beauty haul I mentioned the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, which I still need to be using more often. However, I’ve now added the classic Tea Tree Oil to my Tea Tree collection, so my skin should look really good soon:) And the last thing in this haul is also a repurchase. I got really nostalgic when I found the Batiste dry shampoo in the scent Fresh. I purchased this for the first time, when I lived in England in the first half of 2014, and the Fresh scent was my favourite. I rarely use dry shampoo, but it’s nice to have in a case of emergency:)

Collective Black Friday haul: clothes, shoes, and accessories

It’s time for another Black Friday haul. These are the clothes, shoes, and accessories I puchased from various places on Black Friday.

The only clothes I bought was this Coca Cola sweatsuit from H&M, and I’m obsessed! I was never into wearing joggers, not even at home on the weekends, but that changed towards the end of 2020.

I only purchased one pair of shoes around Black Friday as well, and it was these purple boots from Asos that I’d had in my saved items for such a long time. You know how obsessed I am with everything purple, so I thought it was the time to get these.

And now on the accessories. I bought these sunglasses from Asos too, and I just loved the shape and the brown and beige colours. I can’t wait to wear these in a few months.

I also bought another big hair clip (in purple of course) to add to my rather extensive hair accessories collection. This one is from Asos as well.

How adorable is the Mickey Mouse watch! It’s from H&M, and I obviously had to have it.

A little while back I puchased a pair of golden T-Rex earrings from Topshop, and when I found the matching bracelet on Asos’ website, I added it to my cart immediately. I’m really into charm bracelets at the moment.

And speaking of charm bracelets, Trollbeads had such a great Black Friday sale, so I decided to buy the My Sweet Stories bracelet that came with the My Sweet Stories lock, the My Sweet Stories heart (a silver bead), and the My Sweet Stories glass bead (the two on the far right). I also puchased two more glass beads (Zebra and Red/Purple Armadillo) and two more silver beads (Crystal Heart and Singing in the Snow). I know that I’ll get so much wear out of this bracelet.

Collective haul: clothes, shoes, and accessories

I have a collective clothes, shoes, and accessories haul to share with you. I’ve collected these items over the past couple of months I believe, so it’s about time that I post this haul.

Let’s start with a couple of sweater vests. I’m still a fan of this trend, and I thought these two were so cute. The beige, black, grey, and cream one is from Stradivarius, and the purple and navy one is from Daisy Street (both purchased on Asos).

I know that this skirt is out of season right now, but I found it on sale on Monki’s website, and it’s just so pretty. It’s in the same style as this floral skirt, which I loved in the summer.

I have two more items from Monki in this haul. I love fun, cute socks, and these dark plum coloured socks with an embroidered orchid were just too cute to leave behind. Orchids are some of my favourite flowers by the way.

You have already seen me wear these brown animal print furry boots from Monki with this outfit. I was a little afraid that they would be uncomfortable, because of the hight of the heel, but they’re really not. I think I might get a lot of wear out of these.

And now on to another pair of boots. These chunky boots are from Asos, and I love the style and thought the colour was quite unique.

Here’s a couple of pretty, festive headbands; perfect for this time of year (or all year round if you are addicted to glitter and sparkles like I am).

Last up; jewellery. The ear studs with the bowls of confetti are from Flying Tiger, and I was obviously drawn to the confetti part. Not sure how I feel about the studs though. I’m loving the golden T-Rex earrings from Topshop though. Aren’t they just the cutest? And lastly, I’ve bought two rings from Asos. I love both of these rings, and I have already worn both of them so much.

Annual Christmas clothing/accessories haul pt. 2

It’s time for part 2 of my annual Christmas clothing/accessories haul. This part is all about socks, tights, jewellery, and hair accessories.

Let’s start with socks. I’ve purchased two sets of 5 pcs of Christmas socks. The first five pairs are from H&M and the next five pairs are from Monki, and they are all so cute.

I’ve also bought four single pairs of Christmas socks, and they’re all really cute too.

I’ve also gotten myself some Christmas tights from a supermarket; a pair with mistletoes and a pair with Santa hats. I’m really excited to wear these.

I found these gloves at my local supermarket a while back, and I just thought they were so nice and festive.

And now on to a bunch of jewellery. The brooch and these first three pairs of earrings are all from Flying Tiger, and I think they’re so much fun and very christmassy.

These pretty Christmas tree earrings are from my local supermarket.

All of these next pieces are from H&M. The ones with the red price stickers on them were on sale, and my guess is that they’re from last year, but that doesn’t matter to me. Just look at how festive these pieces are!

I have of course also purchased a few hair accessories. They are both supermarket finds.

And that was this year’s annual Christmas clothing/accessories haul. I’m so, so, so excited to wear christmassy outfits for the next month!

Big collective H&M haul pt. 2

It’s time for part 2 of my big collective H&M haul; the accessories.

It has definitely gotten colder outside, so I got a new scarf and a neck warmer. The scarf is of course purple or lilac, because as you know I’m obsessed with everything purple.

I’ve been wanting a pair of ear warmers like these ones for such a long time, and I’ve already worn them so many times.

I found this Mickey Mouse Fantasia reversible bucket hat in the men’s section, and I just thought it was really cute.

H&M has this 3 for 2 deal on tights, and I really wanted the Mickey Mouse tights (obviously), so I thought why not get two more pairs of tights. I actually got three more pairs since I got a 2 pack with a navy pair and a beige pair. The third pair of tights that I bought is a black pair with gold dots. I think they’ll be perfect for the holiday season.

I’ve also purchased a couple of festive headbands; a black sequins one and one with a big red velvet bow. I’m excited to wear both of these.

And last but not least, I’ve purchased some different fun earrings; a pair of sparkly snakes, and pair of sparkly eyes (which I actually wore in my last post), and a mix of fun gold hoops and studs (and a single earcuff).

Huge Asos haul part 2

Here’s part two of my latest Asos haul; the jewellery and hair accessories.

I’ve started to wear more golden jewellery, and I’ve been wanting to add some golden rings (anyone else humming “12 Days of Christmas” when hearing or reading golden rings?), and thought this one from Asos’ own brand was fun. I’ve actually worn it quite a few times already.

These earrings are by the brand Kingsley Ryan, and they are so pretty. I’ve actually already posted a look featuring these earrings (look here).

I’m still not over headbands and big hair clips. All six pieces are from Asos’ own brand.

I know this is not a piece of jewellery or a hair accessory, but I thought I would show you this Coca Cola key ring anyways, because it’s so cute. It’s by the brand Typo, which makes lots of cute and fun items.

Another huge H&M haul

It’s only been about a month since I last posted a big H&M haul, but I’m ready with another one. I guess H&M have had some great stuff lately. I’ll start with tops, then go on to bottoms, and finish with accessories and shoes.

You’ve probably discovered that I have a huge weakness when it comes to Disney clothing. I’m especially fond of T-shirts with some sort of Disney print on them, so I had to add these three to my ever growing collection. They’re all adorable.

They next tree tops have a common theme as well; purple. I’m obsessed with everything purple, and you’ll see that in many of my upcoming posts. I know the button up top is green, but it has purple flowers on it, and I love green and purple together. I thought the smock top would be nice for dressier (is that a word?) occasions, and the lilac tank top is the same as the dark yellow one I’ve been loving this summer.

Autumn is approaching which means that it’s time to wear roll neck tops again, and I’m so excited. I’ve talked about H&M roll neck tops before, and how H&M comes out with different colours and patterns of these roll neck tops several times a year, and this is one of the new ones; blue, white, and lilac (once again) little flowers. It’s so pretty.

And now; blazers. I love blazers. They are stables in my wardrobe. I found the beige short sleeve blazer on sale and thought it would be really fun to style. And of course I had to have the oversized purple blazer considering my purple obsession. The grey oversized blazer has matching shorts, so now I have another shorts suit.

And these are the shorts, and they’re the perfect fit and length.

And from shorts to trousers. I’ve bought a new pair of black slacks, which is something I’ve had in my wardrobe for years and years, though I haven’t had a pair in 6 months or longer. I also ordered the matching blazer, but I didn’t like the fit of that, so I just kept the slacks, which I really like. I’ve also purchased two pairs of jeans: a pair of cropped kick flare jeans and a pair of longer wide legged jeans. I’m excited to wear both pairs.

I’ve purchased a couple of skirts as well. Other than purple I’ve also been loving orange and pink, and this orange and pink checked pleated skirt is so pretty. It’s actually featured in my next outfit post. The second skirt is a little ’90s inspired I guess, and it has a more muted purple colour to it, though still purple:)

All we have left now are a couple of accessories and a pair of shoes. I love all kinds of hair accessories, and I have a wide range of scrunchies. I’ve now added a houndstooth one and a black polka dot organza one to my collection. It’s also time to wear scarfs again, and this little white one with beach things on it is really cute.

And I’ve already shown you these strappy lilac heels, because I featured them in my August 5 favourites, so obviously I love them.