5 favourites – March

I can’t believe that today is the last day of March! March has been a really busy month for me with a lot of uni work, but I also went on two amazing day trips (Cardiff of March 1 and Brighton on March 29), my dad paid me a visit, I hung out with great people and did A LOT of shopping (I still have a bunch of stuff to show you guys). Of course I also had some favourite items this month that I’m going to show you right now:)

Sort nederdel m. leopardmønster - H&M

Black skirt with velvety leopard print from H&M: As I told you in this post I’ve developed a growing love for this skirt which is not a type of skirt that I normally buy. As it turns out, this skirt has so many styling opportunities and I’ve been wearing it quite a lot the past month (e.g. here and here).


Real Techniques deluxe crease brush: If you are looking for affordable good quality make-up brushes I would definitely recommend Real Techniques. I’ve been loving this particular brush this month. It’s soft and fluffy and great for blending, especially in the crease which the name suggests. It does collect a lot of pigment from the eye shadow, so you might have to layer eye shadow if you want a darker look. I’m not a brush expert so this might be common for this type of brush, but this particular one sure is great for blending and I love it:)

Girls season 1

Girls – season 1: My mum gave me this when she was visiting me in February, but I didn’t watch it until the beginning of March. I’d heard about ‘Girls’ before, but didn’t really know what it was about, but I got hooked. It’s kind of a mix of Sex and the City and Bridget Jones’ Diary, but for twenty-something girls. At least I find it very entertaining, and I would love to watch the following seasons as well.

Comforting liquorice 3

Twinings Comforting Liquorice tea: I LOVE tea. Especially fruit tea and liquorice tea. Back in Denmark I always have a couple of boxes of Pickwick’s liquorice tea, so I was really happy to find this liquorice tea from Twinings. It tastes pretty much the same as the Pickwick one, but this one is supposedly comforting as well. I don’t know if that’s a fact, but I sure enjoy drinking this delicious liquorice tea.

Winter Hymns – Charlie Simpson: Over a year ago I linked you to a couple lovely songs by my favourite singer and songwriter Charlie Simpson, and oh my god he has done it again. You know that feeling you get when you listen to a song for the first time and just instantly love it; that’s the feeling I had the first time I listened to ‘Winter Hymns’. It doesn’t happen to me that often (and I listen to a lot of music), but Charlie has given me that feeling a couple of times before which just shows how amazingly talented he is. I can’t wait for him to release his next album.