Here’s what I wore Friday August 13. I think this is such a cute and girly outfit. I really love the top and skirt together paired with the cute pink heels.

(Top – second hand, skirt – H&M, heels – Monki)


Here’s what I wore on my birthday last year (Sunday August 8). It was a hot summer day, and I had to bake and cook for my guests, so I wanted to wear something loose and light and went for this fun lime and white printed dress paired with red jewellery. It was a perfect outfit for the occasion.

(Earrings + necklace – second hand, dress – Monki, heels – H&M)

Back to summer

Here’s what I wore Thursday July 8. I’m back to posting summer outfits, and this is an outfit I wore in the beginning of my summer holiday. However, I will of course post my New Year’s Eve look in the beginning of the new year.

(Shirt – Monki, skirt – Bershka, heels – second hand)

Lovely Christmas Eve

Here’s what I wore on Christmas Eve. As I’ve mentioned before, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve in Denmark, and I had such a lovely day and evening. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.

(Jumper – vintage, skirt + headband – H&M, tights – Rema 1000 (supermarket chain), heels – BEBO)

Christmas in an outfit

Merry Christmas! In Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the 24th (Christmas Eve), and I’m so excited about tonight. I just love Christmas so much! This is not the outfit I’m wearing tonight (I’ll post that in a few days), but this is what I wore Tuesday December 21, my last day at work before my Christmas holiday started. So I decided to go all out and wear this super cute and festive outfit.

(Blazer – vintage, roll neck top – Stradivarius, sweater vest + skirt – Monki, tights – Calzedonia, boots – second hand)


Here’s what I wore Thursday December 16. This fireplace jumber, which I featured in a recent haul, is just so much fun, and I deciced to dress is up with my green pencil skirt, some festive tights, and my white, chunky Mary Janes.

(Jumper – H&M, skirt – second hand, tights – Rema 1000 (supermarket chain), heels – Monki)

Collective summer holiday haul

I know this haul is way overdue, but I feel that about most of my hauls these days. Oh well, I still wanted to do a haul including all the things I purchased during my summer holiday.

Let’s begin with a few second hand pieces. I thrifted both of these tops, and I think they’re very cute, but of course also very summery.

I also thrifted this little black shoulder bag; I thought it had a fun shape.

This next bag I didn’t thrift, but I got a great discount on it. It’s from a Danish brand called Silfen, which makes these fun and colourful hand bags. I’m definitely a fan.

I also purchased some second hand jewellery. The necklace is from the same charity shop that I also purchased the black bag from. I don’t like the chain, so I’ll try to find another chain for the pretty pendant. I bought both the red earrings and the silver ring at a flea market. The earrings are actually vintage and made completely out for plastic.

Here’s a closer look at the ring. This ring is made out of a vintage spoon, and I’ve been wearing it almost every day since I bought it.

The day I purchased the Silfen bag, I also purchased a pair of silver hoops from the Danish jewellery designer Pernille Corydon. They were on sale too. The bracelet is also from Pernille Corydon, and I’ve worn that almost every day since I got it as well.

Lastly, I bought two Body Yogurts from The Body Shop. They were also on sale, and I really enjoy this product. The Warm Vanilla scent is from last year’s holiday collection, and I had it last year and loved it. I also thought I would try out the ginger Body Yogurt. I love ginger, so I thought it sounded interesting.