Coolest shirt ever vol. 2


Here’s what I wore Tuesday March 17. I really wanted to wear this incredible dinosaur shirt again, and this time I decided to wear it unbuttoned, though still over a roll neck top (because roll necks are the best).

(Shirt – Topman, roll neck top + jeans + belt – H&M, boots – second hand)

First time and last time


Here’s what I wore Thursday March 5. It was the first time I wore this yellow checked slip dress, but it was also the last time. I never liked the fit on me (it’s tight in the wrong areas), but I compensated for that by wearing an oversized blazer on top. And I do really like this outfit, but I don’t want to only be able to wear this dress with an oversized blazer, so I gave it away to charity.

(Hat – H&M, blouse – Gina Tricot, dress – Even&Odd, blazer + boots – second hand)

Navy and plum


Here’s what I wore Monday March 2. Navy and bright red is one of my absolute favourite colour combos, but navy and plum/burgundy pair really nicely together as well.

(Blazer + shirt – second hand, trousers + belt – H&M, sneakers – Nike)



Here’s what I wore Monday February 24. I really wanted to style the second hand eyelet jeans that I purchased recently, and this is the outfit I came up. I really like how this look turned out, and those jeans just fit me so well.

(Blazer – vintage, t-shirt – H&M, roll neck top – Stradivarius, belt – Asos, jeans – second hand, boots – Zara)

Rust and burgundy


Here’s what I wore Tuesday February 18. I don’t think I’ve ever worn rust and burgundy together before, but I’m really into it. I love this whole warm, neutral-ish colour scheme.

(Blazer + bag – second hand, roll neck top – VRS, overalls – Monki, boots – Raid)

Lunch and board games


Here’s what I wore Monday February 10. Red and blue is one of my go-to colour combos, and I felt great in this outfit. I wore this out for lunch with a group of friends, whereafter we went to a board game cafĂ©, and I had such a great time. I think this outfit made the day even better.

(Jacket + scarf + belt – second hand, sweater vest – Monki, shirt + jeans – H&M, bag + boots – Topshop)