Still a favourite colour combo

Here’s what I wore Tuesday February 23. Even though I usually prefer to wear lots of colours, black and white with pops of red is still one of my favourite colour combos, and I love how this look turned out. It’s just such a fun look!

(Jumper – Bershka, skirt – H&M, collar + heels – Asos)

All about the layers

Here’s what I wore Thursday February 11. It was cold, so it was all about the layers. I’m wearing a long sleeve roll neck top with a sweater vest on top and a cardigan on top of that, and I actually really like how it looks. I also love those flare jeans btw.

(Cardigan – second hand, sweater vest – Monki, roll neck top + jeans – H&M, boots – Asos)

Monochromatic navy

Here’s what I wore Friday February 5. Even though I love outfits with lots of colours, I’m really into this monochromatic navy outfit. I also love how long these jeans make my legs look.

(Hat + jeans – H&M, scarf – second hand, jumper – knitted by my mum, boots – Raid)

Mix of colours and prints

Here’s what I wore Wednesday February 3. I love the mix of colours and prints in this outfit. I wasn’t sure if the pastel coloured jumper would go with the darker/brighter coloured skirt, but I think the two pieces look great together.

(Necklace – second hand, jumper – Zara, skirt – Monki, boots – Topshop)

More hats

Here’s what I wore Tuesday February 2. For the past couple of years, I’ve mainly worn bucket hats and baker boy hats, and it wasn’t until I put this pork pie hat on my head that I found out how much I’ve missed wearing other types of hats, so be prepared to see more hats, and more types different hats, in the future.

(Hat + jeans – H&M, blazer – second hand, T-shirt – Daisy Street, boots – Raid)