Lyko haul (mid May)

I recently posted a small Lyko sale haul, but today I have a bigger Lyko haul to share with you. This haul consists mainly of Essence and Catrice products, but those are the two brands that I mainly buy from Lyko. Let’s start with Essence.

I purchased four products from the Essence The Glowin’ Golds collection. I got the two caring shimmer lip oils in 01 Heart Of Gold and 02 Golden Magic, the Vitamin C baked highlighter in 1 Golden Days Ahead, and the Vitamin E baked luminous bronzer in 01 Live Life Golden!.

Here’s a closer look at the bronzer and highlighter. Even though the highlighter looks dark, I can still make it work on my fair skin.

These are the other products I picked up from Essence; the Pretty Natural hydrating foundation in 030 Neutral Ivory, the Sanitizer Resistant top coat, and two of the Fruit Kiss Caring lip balms in 02 Cherry Love and 03 Strawberry Kiss.

Moving on to Catrice. I bought a bunch of stuff from their Clean ID line. I decided to get the Pore Perfecting primer, the Glow Prime & Fix spray, the Matt Prime & Fix spray, the Mineral bronzer in 010 Light, and two brushes; the bronzer brush and the highlighter brush.

Here’s a closer look at the bronzer, which I’ve used a few times, and I like it.

From Catrice I also purchased two of the Full Satin lipsticks and two of the Blush Box Glowing Multicolour blushers.

The lipsticks are in the shades 080 Full Of Life and 090 Full Of Adventure, and they’re both very nice.

The blushers are in the shades 010 Dolce Vita and 020 It’s Wine O’Clock, and they’re very pretty mosaic blushers.

Lastly, I picked up three more random items. I’d never heard of the L’Oréal Infaillible Metal Lip Paints before, so I thought I would give them a go. They’re in the shades 305 Cute But Psycho and 306 Lolita. I haven’t tried them yet, but I think they’ll be fun to wear around Christmas time. I also picked up the Make Up Store Dry brush cleaner sponge, which I’ve been using a lot to clean my eye brushes on an everyday basis.

Another huge Lyko haul

Lyko has been one of my go-to webshops for purchasing make-up in 2021. Especially drugstore/affordable make-up and brands like Essence and Catrice, which aren’t widely available. So I have another huge Lyko haul to share with you today.

I think I purchased the entire Essence #pinkandproud limited edition line. It contains the Brave nail polish in 01 Be Brave. And Never Regret!, the Powerful Lash Princess Curl & Volume mascara in 01 You Can And You Will! (I’ll be posting a first impressions on this mascara at some point), the Unstoppable scunchie & hair clips, the Strong soapy brow styler in 01 Stronger Than Yesterday!, the Wonderful baked blushlighter in 01 Believe In Yourself!, and the Not Sorry glitter lipstick in 01 Sorry, Not Sorry!.

I’ve already featured this soapy brow styler in a favourites post, so I obviously really like this product.

This product is described as a blushlighter. I would wear it as a blush, but it has a strong golden glow/shift to it. Sadly, it came broken, and since I’ve purchased another very similar product (which is also featured in this haul), I might declutter this one and keep the other one.

The last product in the Essence #pinkandproud line is this hot pink glitter lipstick. I didn’t expect too much of it considered the price, but this lipstick is very pigmented and very glittery. I’m quite impressed by it.

I also purchased a few more products from Essence and a couple of other items. From Essence I also got the Let the Party Glow On! Shine Last & Go! gel nail polish in 23 Party Time, The Blush in 80 Breezy, an eyeshadow in 20 Cream, and the Soft & Precise lip pencil in 5 Legendary. Then I got a back up of my favourite nail polish top coat form Rimmel (the Nail Nurse Base & Top Coat), and the new-ish Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless primer, which I’ve been using a lot lately, because it contains SPF 20, and I really like it.

The rest of the products in this haul are from Catrice. I got two Jewel Overload Limited Edition brushes, the presicion eye brush and the blender brush, and the rest I’ll be splitting in to smaller sections.

Let’s start with face products. I got the HD Active Performance Freezing Spray, which is a long wear setting spray, and so far I’m really enjoying this product. It’s cooling and it smells nice, and I do think it makes the make-up last longer. Next, I picked up the One Step Skin Perfector, which is supposed to be a tinted primer with SPF 20. I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m not sure if it really is skin perfecting. Then I picked up the Clean ID High Cover Luminous Matt foundation in 004 Light Almond. I’ve used this foundation a couple of times, but it has a very peachy undertone, and it’s not my favourite colour match. The last product in this section is the True Skin High Cover Concealer in 005 Warm Macadamia, which was way too dark on me, so I’ve already gotten rid of it.

Then we have the blush which is extremely similar to the Essence #pinkandproud Wonderful baked blushlighter. This is the Catrice Cheek Lover Oil-Infused blush in 010 Blooming Hibiscus. The shades are almost identical and the finishes are completely identical, so as I mentioned I might just keep this one and declutter the broken Essence one. The highlighter is the Kaviar Gauche highlighter in C01 Glow Couture. The packaging and design on the product are very pretty, and the highlighter itself is pretty too.

For lips I got the Power Full 5 glossy lip oil in 020 Cherry Blossom Glow. It’s quite sheer, but it feels lovely on the lips. I also got the Better Than Fake Lips plumping lip primer in 010 Pump Up The Lips!. It tinkles a little on the lips, but it’s not uncomfortable, however, it’s quite drying, and I don’t think it plumps that much.

Lastly, I got to nail products from Catrice as well. I got the Sleep Proop top coat, which is sleep proof, but it doesn’t make you nail colour last very long. The nail polish is the More Than Nude nail polish in 13 To Be ContiNUDEd. It’s very sheer, so I had to wear three layers to get sort of decent coverage, but then it just looked thick on the nails, so I’m not a fan of this one. I prefer the Essence nail polishes.

Another Lyko haul (March)

I have another Lyko haul to share with you today.

I got an eyeshadow quad and two liquid eyeshadows from e.l.f. and a mascara from L’Oréal.

I got one more of the e.l.f. Bitesize eyeshadows. This one is called Carnival Candy, and it consists of three neutral mattes and one metallic royal blue shade.

I also picked up two more Glitter Melt liquid eyeshadows. These are in the shades Ocean Eyes and Dirty Martini.

The L’Oréal Lash Paradise/Paradise Extactic is on of my favourite mascaras, and I thought that it would be fun to try it in this brown shade called Sandalwood Wonder.

I also picked up a few items from Catrice.

The first Catrice product I decided to try was the Camouflage Cream concealer. I got the shade 010 Ivory, which is a good match for me. I haven’t used it that many times yet, but so far I like it.

The Catrice 5 In A Box Mini eyeshadow palettes are very obviously inspired by the Natasha Denona Mini palettes, but there’s a huge difference in quality. I picked up the 040 Modern Smokey Look palette, and I was very disappointed with the quality. The darker shades especially were very dusty, patchy and not that easy to blend, so I don’t see myself picking up any more of these 5 In A Box Mini eyeshadow palettes from Catrice.

The other palette I bought from Catrice is the Pro Lavender Breeze Slim eyeshadow palette in 010 Sea Of Blossoms. I’ve only used this palette once so far, and my first impression is that it’s definitely better than the 5 In A Box Mini eyeshadow palette, but I also found that the shades are very light and maybe not the most pigmented. I need to use it bit more though before I can form a proper opinion on this palette.

Lastly, I got a few things from Essence. I got the Essence Hello, Good Stuff! Tinted Beauty Cream in 10 Light, which is definitely not light if you ask me. It’s was too dark on me, even though it’s a more sheer product, so I don’t think I’ll be getting much use out of this product. The nail polish, however, I’ve already used a lot, and I love the colour. It’s in the shade 74 Lilac Vibes. I also really like the Essence brushes. In this haul, I picked up the eyeshadow brush and the eye blender brush.

Humongous Lyko haul

One of my new go-to places for buying make-up online is Lyko. It’s a scandinavian website which carries a lot of different beauty brands, but I definitely go to this website for primarily Essence, Catrice, and e.l.f. which are brands that are difficult to get elsewhere. This is a collective haul, and it’s a huge one, maybe my biggest collective haul so far. The majority of the products are from Essence so let’s start there.

These first three items are from the limited edition MY POWER IS collection. I wanted to try one of the four eyeshadow palettes (there’s one for each element), and I picked the Fire one called 03 I’m On Fire!, because I liked the orangey colour scheme. I also picked up the Fire lipstick, which is also called 03 I’m On Fire!, because it was a red lipstick. It wasn’t until I received those two items that I discovered that I had coincidentally picked my own element, since I’m a leo. Then I had to pick up the Hydrate & Prime Mist in 03 I’m On Fire! to complete the Fire trio. The product I’m most impressed by so far is the lipstick. It’s super pigmented, and it’s matte, but not at all drying.

Next up we have a little random mix of things. I tried the Camouflage+ matte concealer a few years ago, and I wasn’t a fan of that one, but I thought I would give the Camouflage+ Healthy Glow concealer (shade: 10 Light Ivory) a go, and a first impressions post on it will be up soon. Another limited edition product I’ve purchased is the Good Luck Charm face & body highlighter in 01 Glitter Shower For Superpower. It has a very unique texture; it’s somewhere between a cream and a balm I would say. It barely has any colour to it; it’s mainly pink glitter, so keep that in mind if you’re not a fan of glittery highlighters. The bronzer and the 3in1 Face Mist is from the Hello, Good Stuff! line. The bronzer is called the Hello, Good Stuff! matte & glow bronzer, and I got the shade 10 Cocoa-Cool. It also comes in a darker shade. I’ve really been enjoying this bronzer; I really like the split pan design with a matte shade on one side and a glowy shade on the other side. The Hello, Good Stuff! 3in1 Face Mist claims to hydrate, fix, and refresh the skin and it contains watermelon extract. It smells like (artificial) watermelon, and it smells really good. One of my most used products from this haul, and also one of my favourites, is the Brighten Up! Banana powder in 10 Bababanana. I love this powder so much that I featured it in my March 5 favourites.

Some of my other favourites from this haul are these The Blush blushers. I was only able to get two shades at my local supermarket, but I was so happy to find four more shades on These are the shades (from left to right) 30 Breathtaking, 40 Beloved, 60 Beaming, and 70 Believing. These blushers are some of the most affordable on the market, but the quality match many high end blushers.

I’d heard many good things about the Essence Shine, Shine, Shine lipglosses, so I purchased two shades: 01 Behind The Scenes and 25 Volume, Please!. I’ve only worn each shade once so far, but I really like how they look on the lips. The nude gloss has a plumbing effect, but it’s not too intense.

Here’s another small collection of different Essence products. I purchased another one of the eye blender brushes, because you can never have too many eyeshadow brushes. I featured the Essence Volume Booster lash primer in my February 5 favourites, so you know that I’ve been enjoying that product. And then I picked up two of the Sprinkled Chrome eyeshadows in the shades 02 Mercury and 03 Mars. I have worn 03 Mars the pink/red shade, and it was really pretty.

I also purchased the Glow Like A Pro face perfectionist set in 04 Purple Scandal, which contains the Glow Like A Pro mattifying bamboo primer, the Glow Like A Pro luminizing fixing spray, and the Glow Like A Pro loose highlighter. So far I really like these products. Especially the loose highlighter, which looks very purple in the container, but it has a more subtle hint of purple on the skin, and it’s so pretty.

These are the last items from Essence in this haul. I love the Essence Shine Last & Go! gel nail polishes, and I’ve added six new shades to my collection: 53 Honey Honey (orange peach), 60 Crazy In Love (purple), 62 Walking On Sunshine (yellow), 63 Genie In A Bottle (denim blue), 69 Never Say Never (teal), and 72 Into The Unknown (dark navy). I also purchased the Express Nail Dry Spray, but I haven’t tried it yet.

These are the few products I purchased from e.l.f. I really enjoy the e.l.f. Bite Size eyeshadows, so I got the Hot Jalapeño palette, and this is the best of the Bite Size eyeshadows I’ve tried to far. All shades are super pigmented, and I love the colour scheme too. I’ve also picked up two of the Glitter Melt liquid eyeshadows, because I’ve heard really good things about them. I picked up the shades Disco Queen and 24K Gold. I have yet to try these.

We have finally come to the end of this huge Lyko haul. I only purchased one product from Catrice this time around, and it’s the More Than Glow highlighter in 010 Ultimate Platinum Glaze. It’s a pale champagne gold shade, and it’s really pretty. I like the packaging as well. And the very last product I bought is the Maybelline Volum Express Colossal mascara in limited edition Marvel packaging, and I bought this mascara because of the packaging, but I’m excited to try the actual mascara as well, because I haven’t tried it before.

Essence Ho Ho Home for X-mas

I usually dont’ buy beauty advent calendars, but I thought this one from Essence looked really cute, so I decided to treat myself. Some of the products inside are very cute, and I’ll definitely use them, and other’s are more gimmicky I guess, but the calender as a whole is fun and cute.

Here are the first six items from the calendar: Mini Matt Fixing powder, mini lipsticks (01 Feel The Magic! and 02 Spread The Love!), mini eyebrow tweezer, nail stickers, gift tags, and eyeshadow brush. I love the packaging on all the items; it’s super festive and cute. Of the these items, I’ve used some of the nail stickers and the eyeshadow brush. I’m also excited to try the fixing powder and the lipsticks.

The next six items were a kajal pencil, nourishing hand cream, mini metallic nail polish, I Heart Extreme volume mascara, charm bracelet, and colour changing lip balm. I’ve worn the metallic nail polish and the lip balm, and I really like both.

The second to last six items were the following: Face jewels, glitter duo sharpener, mini high gloss top coat, eyebrow styler, hair ties, and glitter lip topper. These items are not that exciting to me apart from the glitter lip topper and maybe the high gloss top coat.

And here are the last six items from the calendar: Make up remover towel, mini nail polish, notebook, mini highlighter stick, body jewellery tattoos, and mini highlighter brush. I’m excited to try the make up remover towel, and the nail polish looks pretty too.

If Essence makes a calendar again next year, I might consider getting it. Not all items are usuable for me, but I loved opening it every day in December, and the items sure are cute and festive.

Summery H&M haul

It’s time for another H&M haul (it’s been alomst 4 months since my last H&M haul), and this one is a pretty summery one.

Hvid T-shirt m. Mickey og Minnie Mouse print - H&M

My soft spot for Disney clothing will probably never go away. This cute Mickey and Minne Mouse T-shirt has a slightly oversized fit, and I love the pop of lilac (it goes very well with a pair of trousers you’ll see further down in the haul).

Mørkegul tanktop - H&M

I don’t remember the last time I bought and wore a tank top/vest, but there’s something about this dark yellow colour and the shape that has a retro vibe to it, so I decided to give a go. I’ve already worn it a couple of times, and I really like it.

Hvid crop top m. citronprint - H&MHvid midi nederdel m. citronprint - H&M

How cute is this lemon set! As soon as I saw the skirt, I knew I had to have it. It’s the same style as my black and white polka dot skirt that I love so much. And I love that you could get a matching top; when worn together they almost look like a dress. I haven’t actually worn it yet, but I’m planning on wearing it for a special occation next week.

Lavendel bukser m. vide - H&M

And on to the trousers that go so well with the Mickey and Minnie T-shirt. I’ve been wanting these wide leg lilac trousers since I first saw them, and when they went on sale, I finally puchased them. The sizing is on the bigger size, so I bought them one size smaller than I usually would, and that was a good choice. They are also a little sheer, so I’ve worn them with white cycle shorts underneath.

Citron øreringeSimilihoops (3 pk)Øreringe og earcuffs fra H&M

And now on to accessories. I obviously had to have the cute lemon earrings to go with the lemon set. I’ve also been wanting some rhinestone hoops, and the pack with three different sizes is pretty much exactly what I’d been looking for. Lastly (in terms of ear jewellery), I thought it would be fun to play with earcuffs, since I only have hole in each ear lobe, so I bought this pack of a bunch of different earrings and earcuffs.

Armbånd (2 pk) fra H&MAnkelkæde fra H&M

I also bought some golden bracelets and a golden ankle bracelet/anklet (what’s the right term?), because I wanted some more golden jewellery options.

Sort flettet hårbøjle

The last accessory I bought is this black braided headband. I didn’t have a simple black headband, and I thought this one was cute.

H&M neglelakker

An last but not least, I purchased three nail polishes. H&M nail polishes are actually really good, and I love these three colours. The first one which looks a bit like an oil slick in the bottle (though it’s more golden in real life) is called Precious, the green metallic one is called Persephone, and the yellow one it called Cream Saffron. I thought these were really nice summery colours.

Back-ups + tools haul

Cocopanda haul April 2020

I don’t always buy fun, new make-up products that I haven’t tried before; sometimes I buy back-ups of my go-to products, and I buy make-up tools as well. I recently purchased the following back-ups; one of my new favourite foundations is the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover foundation, and I’ve almost used up my first one. The Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in 001 Transparent is not actually a back-up, but I used to love this powder years ago, so I thought I would try it out again. I love EOS lip balms so I purchased a Whipped Vanilla Frosting scented one (I haven’t tried this particular scent before). The Real Techniques brush cleansing gel is another stable. And the L’Oréal Paradise Extactic mascara is my go-to mascara, and this one is in limited edition packaging, which I thought was cute. The L’Oréal Infaillable More Than Concealer concealer in the shade 322 Ivory is my favourite concealer, so I needed a back-up of that. And lastly, I bought a back-up of my favourite nail polish top coat from Rimmel. It’s the Nail Nurse Base & Top Coat.

Essence børsteholder + børste

In addition to the back-ups, I also came across the It’s Brush Hour brush holder from Essence and thought I would give it a try. I also purchased an eyeshadow brush from Essence.

Mixed beauty haul


This is a mixed bag of beauty products that I’ve purchased recently, and I thought I would put them together in a haul. I’ve heard so much about the e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer, so when I found it at my local super market, I decided to give it a go. When I purchased the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Lust palette I also got the Velour liquid lipstick in the shade Dominatrix, which has been on my wishlist for so long. The MAC Fix+ is from the new Petal Power collection, and I had to have it, because it’s in the cherry blossom scent, which is my favourite. I’ve been wanting to try the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover foundation for a while as well, so I picked it up recently, and I’ve already tried it out. I’ll be posting a ‘First impressions’ post on it soon. I love the Essence Shine Last & Go! nail polishes and picked up two more shades; 06 Frosted Kiss and 60 Crazy in Love.


When I went grocery shopping today and saw that Essence had a new limited edition collection called Crystal Dreams, and I decided to pick up two products from the collection; the Crystal Dreams luminizer (shade: 01 Frozen Shine) and the Crystal Dreams highlighter (shade: 01 Love at First Light). All the products in the collection seems to be glowy and iridescent, so I’m excited to try these out.

5 favourites – January

The first month of the new decade will be over by tomorrow, which means that it’s time for the first favourites post of the year/decade. In contrast to many other people, I’ve not had the January blues. I’ve mainly been working, but I’m not as busy as I was in the autumn. All in all, I’m very happy and inspired. I’ve loved lots of things this past month, but I’ve narrowed it down to the following 5 favourites.

Hvide Air Force 1 Sage m. blå, orange og mint detaljer - Nike

Nike Air Force 1 Sage sneakers: I hauled these in the beginning of October last year, but I never got to wear them much until this month. I think they’re really cool and super comfortable, and I’ve had a lot of fun styling them.


Mickey Mouse ring: This little Mickey Mouse ring was a Christmas present from my parents, and I’ve worn it almost every day since Christmas. It’s definitely become one of my go-to rings.

H&M neglelak (Space Jam)

Pink/bronze glitter nail polish: This is one of the prettiest nail colours I’ve ever seen. It’s from H&M and it’s called Space Jam, and I’m pretty sure my sister has one as well that I borrowed from her last summer. I remember loving the colour, so I’m really happy that I found it in a H&M store, and it was even on sale.


Rocketman (film): I’ve been wanting to watch this film since it released, and man, it was good! The music and costumes were obviously incredible, and Taron Egerton did an amazing job playing Elton John. This is a must-watch film.

Half Way There – Busted (album): This is another Christmas present favourite. I’m a huge Busted fan, and this album is just plain great. I think I like this album better than the previous one, Night Driver (even though I do love a lot of the songs on that album too). It sounds like a mix of the old and the new Busted sounds, and I love that! The song that probably stands out the most from the rest on the album is All My friends, which also happens to be one of my favourites. You can check it out above.

Presents: clothes, make-up, and jewellery

I thought I would share some of my advent calendar presents and Christmas presents with you. These are some clothes, make-up, and jewellery presents I got throughout December.

Grå sweater m. skiløber og sne - H&M

My mum makes an advent calender of 24 presents for me every year, and most of the items in this post are from this year’s advent calendar. Among other things, I got this cute Christmas/winter jumper from H&M.


My mum most know how much I love Christmas socks, because she got me these ones also from H&M.


I think this is my first ever Clinique product, and what’s more perfect than a red lipstick. It’s the Clinique High Impact lip colour in 12 Red-y to Wear, it’s really pretty, and I’m actually wearing it here.


I also got this pink nail polish from the Danish brand Nilens Jord on my advent calendar.

Lancome gaveæske

The last present on my advent calendar was this Lancôme gift set. It contains a La Vie est Belle purse spray, a Hypnôse Drama mascara, and a mini L’Absolu Rouge Cream lipstick in the shade 123 Caprice.

Snefnug smykker

And now on to the jewellery. One of my favourite advent calendar presents are the snowflake earrings that I also featured in my latest 5 favourites post. I also got the matching brooch.

Trollbeads - Julebuk + Højhælet sko

I also got two silver Trollbeads; a Love Goat and a High Heel.


The last two pieces of jewellery were Christmas presents. I got another Trollbead; this beautiful red and blue facet bead called Sahara Jewel. It’s so stunning!


Lastly, I got this Mickey Mouse ring from Pandora, and it’s the cutest thing ever. I’m sure it’s going to be one of my new go-to pieces of jewellery.