5 favourites – May

Tomorrow, it’ll officially be summer, but weather-wise the summer started four weeks ago. I don’t think we’ve ever had weather this beautiful for four weeks in a row in Denmark; at least not in my lifetime. And it appears to continue for a while. Anyways, enough about the weather for now. Let’s talk about my 5 favourites from the month of May.

Hvidt sløjfespænde

White bow: When the weather is hot, I wan’t my hair out of my face, and this bow (which used to be my mum’s) has been one of my go-to hair accessories.

Hvide smalle cat-eye solbriller

White cat-eye sunglasses: I featured these sunglasses in my most recent haul, and they’ve pretty much been the only sunglasses I’ve worn since a bought them. I love the cat-eye shape and the white frame, and they look great with any outfit.


Jeffree Star Velour lip scrub (Mojito): When you wear lipstick everyday like I do, exfoliating your lips is essential. This Mojito-flavoured lip scrub from one of my favourite make-up brands does the job, and it smells and taste incredible.

Maybelline nude neglelak

Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days gel nail colour (shade: Second Skin): My nails have been in a really bad condition lately, so I’ve had to cut them very short. When I have short, broken nails, I don’t like to wear bright nail colours, and instead I opt for a nude, and this is the perfect nude nail colour for my skin tone.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (film): I’m featuring another super hero film this month, but man, this is a great one. I really like the first Guardians of the Galaxy, but Vol. 2 is even better! I can’t get over how cute Baby Groot is.

5 favourites – August

I can’t believe that the last summer month will be over by tomorrow. We have had varied weather in Denmark this past month, but with a nice summer day here and there. I don’t mind that autumn is approaching though; that just means that we are getting closer to December and Christmas! But we still have a couple of autumn months to go through, and also a couple more favourites posts, so let’s start with some August favourites.

Lyseblå oversized denim jakke - H&M

Denim jacket: I’ve been loving this denim jacket since I started wearing it in the end of July. It goes with pretty much any outfit, and it’s been the perfect jacket for the warmer days we’ve had this past month.

Gosh neglelak i Sweet Rose

Gosh nail varnish (shade: 589 Sweet Rose): In the beginning of the month I wore this pink nail varnish two weeks in a row, and I absolutely loved it. I also wore pink nails another week this month, so I guess I’ve just been really into pink nails.

Bodum Travel Mug

Bodum travel mug: My birthday was in August and one of the things I got for my birthday was this travel mug. I had done some research on travel mugs (I knew I was going to spend a lot of time at uni writing my thesis), and this one was supposed to be one of the best ones, and it really is. It’s not leaking the slightest and it keeps the coffee warm for ages.


New Girl (TV series): I had thought about watching New Girl for a while, and I finally decided to give it a go in the beginning of the month, and I got hooked instantly. I finished the fifth season yesterday, and I’m really sad that there are no more seasons on Netflix at the moment. I don’t even know how to begin describing this show, but it’s so sweet and funny, and I absolutely love the characters. Every single one of them. So if you haven’t watched New Girl and you love sit coms, you should definitely give it shot.

It’s Time – Michael Bublé (album): Another birthday present I’ve been loving this month is this Michael Bublé album. I’ve been listening to it countless times, and it just makes me happy. I love all the songs on the album, and here’s just one of my favourites.

Pink nail love


I’ve been loving pink nails lately, and this is what my nails looked like last week. I love an accent nail, and this glitter is so pretty, though very difficult to remove.

(Nail varnishes: Nail Paint by Barry M in 309 Strawberry I/C + By K glitter nail varnish (I can’t read the name))

Four on sale


A couple of months ago I came across a box of drugstore products on sale at the supermarket, and I bought these four items. I love the Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks, and I thought this pretty, pink colour would be great for spring and summer. It’s in the shade 185 Plushest Pink. I also really like the L’Oréal top coats and this one is called 943 Under My Spell. I’m wearing it in my latest nail post. I decided to try out the following two mascaras; L’Oréal False Lash Superstar Red Carpet Black and Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama. I’ll do ‘first impressions’ posts on both of them, so stay tuned for that.

Bad nail habits


I haven’t done a nail post in ages, and it’s because my nails were in a really bad condition for a long time, but a few weeks back they got a bit better (the pictures) and now they’re a bit bad again. By bad I mean that they break all the time. My nails are very fragile, and I think it might have something to do with the fact that I used to bite my nails; I started biting them in kindergarten and didn’t stop until I was 16. I still have the tendency to fiddle with my nails when they’re starting to break which doesn’t make it better. Do you know any good products for making your nails stronger?

(Nail varnishes: Maybelline Express Finish 40 in865 Turquoise Green + L’oréal Color Riche top coat in 943 Under My Spell)

5 favourites – December

Another year has come to an end and I really can’t believe it. I had a lovely and relaxing Christmas, and I’m looking forward to see what 2017 will bring me. I hope you all have a wonderful night tonight; be safe and take care of each other. Let’s say proper goodbye to 2016 with some December favourites.


Christmas jumpers: My favourite clothing items this December has been my Christmas jumpers. I’ve been wearing them 3-4 times a week (and everyday the week leading up to Christmas) and I’ve been feeling very festive.


MAC powder blush in Desert Rose: During winter I love wearing deeper blushers, because it looks very pretty and fresh on pale skin, and this MAC one has been my go-to.


Rimmel 60 seconds Super Shine nail polish (shade: 514 When I Grow Up): This past year I’ve worn mainly neutral shades on my nails, and this taupe bronze colour is stunning. I wore it for two weeks straight in the beginning of December.


The Christmasaurus – Tom Fletcher: I had this book on my wishlist for Christmas, but I already got it on my gift advent calendar in the beginning of December. I finished reading it a few days ago and I loved it. Even though it’s a children’s novel it’s such a lovely Christmas story.

The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot – Nat King Cole: My favourite Christmas song this year is a new discovery (though it’s an old song). It’s one of the saddest Christmas songs I’ve ever heard, but also one of the most beautiful ones.

Dark metallic


As I’ve mentioned I’ve been really into the metallic lip trend lately, but I’ve always been loving metallic nails. This dark blue purple is a gorgeous colour, and I hadn’t worn a dark nail colour in a really long time, so I loved wearing this.

(Nail polish: NARS nail polish in It)