Film style icon: Vivian Ward

It’s been over two years since I last did a post on a film style icon, but rewatching Pretty Woman (1990) gave me a lot of style inspiration, and I thought I would share that inspiration with you. Julia Roberts’ character Vivian Ward is obviously a prostitute in the film, but she’s going through the most incredible style transformation, and it’s that transformation and her new style which I find extremely inspiring.

Red opera dress

One of her signature looks is of course the red dress she wears to the opera. This dress is absolutely stunning, and the long white gloves is a nice contrast to the red, and they make the outfit pop even more.

Pretty Woman - 1990Brown polka dot dress 2

I love this look! Polka dots have been very trendy lately, and I’m really into polka dots. I love brown too, and I would love to find a dress similar to this one. The accessories for this outfit are on point too; the big brown waist belt (another trend), and the hat with the matching polka dot detail; so good!

White dress 1White dress 2

This is another look that would be fun to recreate. I love the botton detail on the dress and the shoulder pads; I love me some shoulder pads. The big hat, clutch, gloves and pearl earrings perfectly finishes off the look.

Shorts suit 1Shorts suit 2

This is probably my favourite outfit from the film and also the easiest to recreate. I’ve been wanting a shorts suit for a while, and I have already purchased one, which will be featured in my next haul. I love the styling here with the botton up blouse and waist belt. Julia Roberts just looks so good in this outfit! Well, actually she looks stunning in all these outfits. She’s one of my biggest girl crushes, and rewatching Pretty Woman reminded me how much I adore her.

First impressions: L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes Fatale mascara


I’ve tested yet another mascara. This is the L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes Fatale mascara, and here are my first impressions on it.

First impressions

It has a plastic/rubber wand, and even though I prefer a bristle brush, I find this one easy to use. My lashes look long, black, and voluminous, and it holds the curl. It’s quite easy to remove from the skin with a dry cotton bud without ruining the eye shadow, and it’s easy to remove completely with regular make-up remover. It did transfer unto my eyelids throughout the day, but it wasn’t too bad. It’s still not close to being as good as my favourite mascara (Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express), but it’s not a bad mascara.

Film style icon: Cher Horowitz

One of the biggest film style icons from the ’90s is without a doubt Cher Horowitz from Clueless (1995). Cher is the queen of plaid; most of the outfits I have chosen involves plaid. She wears a lot of bold colours, but she also looks great in a more neutral colour scheme. If you’re all about that ’90s fashion, Cher is the one to look to for inspiration.



Cher’s yellow plaid outfit is probably the most iconic look from the film. I personally can’t pull-off yellow, but I still think this outfit is fantastic. Cher’s best friend Dionne is also a style icon, and Cher and Dionne look great in their matching plaid outfits.


I think I like Cher’s red plaid outfit even more than her yellow one. I love the oversized coat and the beret.


Another oversized jacket and mini skirt combo. Even when she goes shopping she’s put-together.


The bottoms of the sleeves on this cardigan are incredible! The colour scheme of this look is very muted, which gives it a more girly vibe compared to the previous outfits.


This all red look is amazing! The simple red dress paired with the fabulous jacket/coat is perfect. A little too much maybe, but it’s so Cher.

Little sharks


Here’s what I wore Wednesday January 11. This sweatshirt used to be my sister’s, but she didn’t wear it anymore (I don’t think she ever wore it much), so she gave it to me. I love the baby-pink colour and the shark print.

(Skirt + sweatshirt – H&M, boots – B&CO)


DSC_0861 rediDSC_0859 redi

Here’s what I wore last Monday. It was quite cold that day, so I had to wear my winter boots to stay warm. By the way, I’m starting to really miss all of my shoes. Being limited to only two pairs of shoes is not something that I enjoy:( It’s really tempting to go shopping all the time, but I obviously don’t have endless amounts of money, so I have to stick to two pairs for a while, I think.

(Skirt – H&M, sweater – by Second Female, tights – Pieces, necklace – made by one of my cousins, bracelet – bought in Paris, boots – Bianco)

Air Max

Grå Air Max Command - NikeNike Air Max 1Nike Air Max 2

Last Sunday I bought these Nike Air Max sneakers. I only brougt two pairs of shoes to England; my black winter boots which I wore when I got here, and a pair of black ballerina flats to wear indoors. Therefore I needed something in between the two, and because I walk a lot over here, I needed a pair of comfortable shoes. I found these Air Max’s on sale for 59,99 £ (539,20 DKK – 72,26 € – 98,32 $), and usually I wouldn’t consider a pair of sneakers like these my style, but I really like the colours and they are quite comfortable. I’m sure that you’re going to see me wearing these shoes a lot the next couple of months.