Asos sale haul + new Nike AF1

Today’s haul is an Asos sale haul (mostly). It includes shoes, clothes, accessories, and make-up. So let’s get started.

The only thing in this haul that I didn’t get on sale are these Nike Air Force 1 Crater Flyknit MOVE TO ZERO sneakers. I’d been wanting them for a while, and at some point I finally decided to get them. I love the colours and the knitted fabric, and they’re very comfy.

The other pair of shoes in this haul I’ve been kind of obsessed with. I mean, how stunning are these green leather boots from Asos Design! I love the colour, the shape, and everything else about these boots, and I’ve worn them a lot.

And now on to a couple of T-shirts. The purple T-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it is from Daisy Street, and the navy one with the basketball playing skeleton T-Rex is from Adidas.

I also purchased two Christmas T-shirts on sale both from Asos Design. It’s always a good idea to get your Christmas clothes early and on sale.

Let’s get in to the accessories. I purchased the matching necklace to the earrings in this haul, because I thought it would be cute to wear them together. I also got a cute pair of flower earrings from Monki.

Then I also picked up a pair of reddish brown sunglasses and some big hair clips from Asos Design.

And last, but not least, make-up. I’ve already talked about the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter in my latest 5 favourites post, and I really enjoy this product (mostly). I’ve got the shade 1 Fair. I also picked up the Huda Beauty Glowish Soft Radiance bronzing powder in 1 Light, which is a very pretty bronzer.

The last three make-up items I picked up are the Huda Beauty Easy Bake powder in Sugar Cookie, the NYX Sweet Cheeks Glow blush in Silence Is Golden, and NYX Brow Glue Instant brow styler. I really don’t like the packaging on the Huda Beauty powder, and it has a very strong perfumy scent, so I actually haven’t worn it that much, but I’ve liked the way it looks when I’ve worn it. I love the NYX Sweet Cheeks Matte blush in Silence Is Golden, so I really wanted the glowy version as well. They’re both such great yellow blushers. I think I like the NYX Brow Glue Instant brow styler, but it is very sticky. I don’t reach for it very often, because I pretty much always go for the ABH Brow Freeze.

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