Essence Ho Ho Home for X-mas

I usually dont’ buy beauty advent calendars, but I thought this one from Essence looked really cute, so I decided to treat myself. Some of the products inside are very cute, and I’ll definitely use them, and other’s are more gimmicky I guess, but the calender as a whole is fun and cute.

Here are the first six items from the calendar: Mini Matt Fixing powder, mini lipsticks (01 Feel The Magic! and 02 Spread The Love!), mini eyebrow tweezer, nail stickers, gift tags, and eyeshadow brush. I love the packaging on all the items; it’s super festive and cute. Of the these items, I’ve used some of the nail stickers and the eyeshadow brush. I’m also excited to try the fixing powder and the lipsticks.

The next six items were a kajal pencil, nourishing hand cream, mini metallic nail polish, I Heart Extreme volume mascara, charm bracelet, and colour changing lip balm. I’ve worn the metallic nail polish and the lip balm, and I really like both.

The second to last six items were the following: Face jewels, glitter duo sharpener, mini high gloss top coat, eyebrow styler, hair ties, and glitter lip topper. These items are not that exciting to me apart from the glitter lip topper and maybe the high gloss top coat.

And here are the last six items from the calendar: Make up remover towel, mini nail polish, notebook, mini highlighter stick, body jewellery tattoos, and mini highlighter brush. I’m excited to try the make up remover towel, and the nail polish looks pretty too.

If Essence makes a calendar again next year, I might consider getting it. Not all items are usuable for me, but I loved opening it every day in December, and the items sure are cute and festive.

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