Collective haul: clothes, shoes, and accessories

I have a collective clothes, shoes, and accessories haul to share with you. I’ve collected these items over the past couple of months I believe, so it’s about time that I post this haul.

Let’s start with a couple of sweater vests. I’m still a fan of this trend, and I thought these two were so cute. The beige, black, grey, and cream one is from Stradivarius, and the purple and navy one is from Daisy Street (both purchased on Asos).

I know that this skirt is out of season right now, but I found it on sale on Monki’s website, and it’s just so pretty. It’s in the same style as this floral skirt, which I loved in the summer.

I have two more items from Monki in this haul. I love fun, cute socks, and these dark plum coloured socks with an embroidered orchid were just too cute to leave behind. Orchids are some of my favourite flowers by the way.

You have already seen me wear these brown animal print furry boots from Monki with this outfit. I was a little afraid that they would be uncomfortable, because of the hight of the heel, but they’re really not. I think I might get a lot of wear out of these.

And now on to another pair of boots. These chunky boots are from Asos, and I love the style and thought the colour was quite unique.

Here’s a couple of pretty, festive headbands; perfect for this time of year (or all year round if you are addicted to glitter and sparkles like I am).

Last up; jewellery. The ear studs with the bowls of confetti are from Flying Tiger, and I was obviously drawn to the confetti part. Not sure how I feel about the studs though. I’m loving the golden T-Rex earrings from Topshop though. Aren’t they just the cutest? And lastly, I’ve bought two rings from Asos. I love both of these rings, and I have already worn both of them so much.

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