5 favourites – March

It’s the last day of March, my exams are over, and now I have a week off before my new courses start. Yay! March was a very busy month all about exams, so I’m really looking forward to April. I did manage to find some enjoyable things throughout March, and here are some of my favourites.


Maybelline Fit Me concealer (shade: 15): I’d been waiting and waiting for the Maybelline Fit Me line to make it’s way to Denmark, just so that I could get my hands on the concealer in the right shade, and it was definitely worth the wait. This concealer is so good, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush (10 Nude Mauve) lukket

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush (shade: 10 Nude Mauve): Another product I’d been craving for the longest time. It’s such a pretty neutral blusher that looks great with any make-up look which is also why I’ve been wearing it a lot.


Essie nail polish (shade: Brides No Grooms): Back in High school I wore hot pink nail polish all the time, but the last couple of years I think I’ve only worn hot pink on my nails a few times. I think that’s all going to change now that I have this pretty pink polish. I’m wearing it on some of my nails here, and I loved it so much that I wore on all my nails last week.

kitty powers matchmaker

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker (iPad game): I don’t play that many games on my iPad these days, but after watching people on YouTube playing this game, I decided to try it out myself. I haven’t played it much that past couple of weeks, but I played a ton in the beginning of the month, and it’s a good bit of fun.


Cinderella (film): I’ve mentioned before (several times I’m sure) that I love anything Disney, so obviously I’ve been wanting to watch this film ever since it came out last year. I didn’t get the chance to watch it until a week ago, and it was so good. The fairytale is great in itself, but I also loved the cast and the gorgeous costumes. If you’re a Disney fan and you haven’t watched this yet, I really think you should.

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