5 favourites – January

The first month of 2023 has come to an end. January always feels longer than the other months, and even though it felt like this one went by a little faster than usual now that I have a baby, it was still pretty long. February will probably be a bit more stressful, since me and my little family is moving in March, but I’m really looking forward to be moving into a bigger place. Anyways, it’s the last day of the month, which means that it’s time for my monthly 5 favourites.

Smashbox x Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector (shade: Fair/Light): I’ve discovered two great correctors within the last six months. I use a corrector on my under eye area most times I do my make-up these days, and I really do see a difference. I know that this one has been a favourite among people even back when Becca was still it’s own brand, but I didn’t try it out until recently.

Rare Beauty Warm Wishes Effortless bronzer (shade: Power Boost): I’ve heard so many beauty youtubers say that this cream bronzer is one of their absolute favourites, and I get why. I don’t think I’d go as far as saying that it’s my absolute favourite, but a favourite it sure is.

Morphe Continuous setting mist: This isn’t just a January favourite, this setting spray has been a favourite of mine for months, I’ve just forgotten to include it in a favourites post. It has the finest mist, and it’s just such a good setting spray.

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream: I love it when I receive a free gift with purchase that I end up really enjoying. That’s the case with this eye cream. I love the texture of it, and I think my under eyes look really good these days.

National Treasure: Edge of History (TV series): I like the National Treasure films despite disliking Nicolas Cage as an actor, so I thought that I would definitely give this series a watch. I’ve been watching it with my boyfriend, and we both really enjoy. I’m excited to see how it ends.

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