Catrice and Essence Disney Villains collections

Catrice and Essence have made another Disney collab, and this time the theme is Disney Villains. I picked up a lot of stuff from both Catrice and Essence, and I think this might be my favourite Disney collab the two brands have done so far.

Let’s begin with Catrice. Both the Catrice and the Essence collections contain three eyeshadow palettes, and I got all six. The three villains in the Catrice collection are Maleficent, Cruella, and the Queen of Hearts.

The Maleficent palette is called 010 I Run This Castle. It has a cool-toned purple colour story, but the shades are very light, and I’m the least impressed by this palette so far.

The Cruella palette is called 020 Fashion Above All, and it’s a black and grey palette with a pop of red. This is my favourite palette so far; the quality is very nice.

The Queen of Hearts palette is called 030 All Ways Are My Ways, and it’s a warm neutral palette with a few yellows and berries. This palette was quite nice as well on first try.

The collection came with two highlighter palettes, and I picked up one of them. I got the Cruella one called 020 Walk Like You Mean It Darling.

These are probably my favourite products from both collections. They’re the Catrice Disney Villains Maleficent liquid highlighter in 010 Magic and the Catrice Disney Villains Cruella liquid highlighter in 020 Divine. Do you see the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand resemblance?

I also picked up the Maleficent face primer and the Cruella hydrating fixing spray. I’ve used the primer a couple of times, but I’m not blown away by it. I haven’t tried the fixing spray yet.

The Catrice collection also included two lipsticks; the Maleficent Satin Collagen lipstick in 010 Elegancy and the Cruella Satin Collagen lipstick in 020 Iconic. I love the packaging and the embossings on the actual product.

The last product I got from the Catrice collection was the Maleficent nail polish in 010 Thorns, which is a super pretty iridescent purple shade.

Let’s move on to the Essence products. The three villains in the Essence collection are the Evil Queen, Ursula, and Scar.

The Evil Queen palette is called 01 Magic Mirror, and it’s a nice warm neutral palette with some purples mixed in.

The Ursula palette is called 02 So Long Lover Boy, and it’s a pretty purple palette. This purple colour scheme is a lot nicer than the one in the Maleficent palette.

The Scar palette is called 03 My Territory, and it a neutral palette with some pops of green. I haven’t worn this palette on my eyes yet.

Essence definitely also got some inspiration from Charlotte Tilbury, when they created the Evil Queen Maxi Blush in 01 Love At First Bite and the Ursula Maxi Blush in 02 Leaving U Speechless. However, I really enjoyed both of these. I used the Ursula one as bronzer and highlighter.

This is the Evil Queen ELECTRIC GLOW colour changing lipstick in 01 Obsession. I haven’t tried it on yet, but the packaging is cute.

These Disney collections usually has face serums, and this one is no exception. The Evil Queen one is called 01 Beauty, and the Ursula one is called 02 Promises.

I love a nice hand cream, so I had to try the Evil Queen one.

Lastly, I picked up the Make-up Tools & Bag Set from the Essence collection. It comes with a make-up bag, six brushes, and three reusable make-up remover pads. I’ve already travelled with the make-up bag, and it’s the perfect size to bring on a weekend trip.

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