MAC Tempting Fate

The 2021 autumn collection from MAC was the stunning Tempting Fate collection. The packaging of every single product in this collection is gorgeous, and the shades of the products are beautiful as well. Let’s take a closer look at the individual products.

The palette in this collection is called Eyeshadow x8: Feast Your Eyes. The shades are beautiful, and they come in three new (I think) finishes; Sparkler, Leather Lustre, and Prismetallic. However, the shades are printed in an incorrect order on the back of the palette, which is quite annoying. The right order was on the website back when the collection launched, but it was all a bit confusing.

I decided to pick up one of the eye kohls. This one is in the shade Cobalt Kohl, which is a pretty good description of the colour, I must say:) I wish that bottom of the pencil was the same colour as the actual pencil instead of being lilac. It’s just a lot easier to see what the colour is that way.

The Strobe Face Glaze was a part of the MAC summer 2020 collection, and I thought it was a beautiful product, so I had to pick up one of the Strobe Face Glazes from this collection as well. I chose the shade Punk In Spice, which might look like a darker orangy shade in the tube, but it’s not that dark at all, when you apply it to the face.

I decided to pick up three of the lipsticks. The shades are Burnished Beige (the warm nude), Tarnished Reputation (the burned terracotta orange), and Dusty Grape (the deep burgundy). Aren’t they just beautiful?

The last product I picked up from this collection was the 224S brush, which is a lovely eye blending brush.

Lastly, as a free gift with my order I got the Extended Play Gigablack mascara, which I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I’ve seen people mainly use it on the lower lashes, because is has such a small, skinny brush, and it does work perfectly for that purpose.

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