Revolution x Friends pt. 3

It’s time for my Revolution x Friends part 3 haul.

I had to get all three of the boys’ eyeshadow palettes to complete my collection (I also have all three of the girls’ eyeshadow palettes).

The Ross palette is an all neutral palette, and the most boring in my opinion. However, I have created a pretty look with it.

The Joey palette is my favourite! This palette has the best quality and the most fun colour scheme, and I’ve used this one a lot more than I’ve used the other 9 pan palettes including the girls’ palettes.

The Chandler palette is my second favourite. This one has a beautiful colour scheme as well, and the shimmers are pretty.

I also picked up all three mini fixing sprays. The Rachel one is an energising fixing spray that smells of strawberry (it’s the only one I’ve used so far). The Monica one is a calming fixing spray that smells of pineapple. And the Phoebe one is a brightening fixing spray that smells of citrus.

I only picked up the Monica lip kit. These shades of lipglosses and lip liner where the ones that spoke to me the most. I haven’t worn the dark lipgloss yet, but the lighter one is very nice.

Last, but not least, I picked up the blending sponges and the Joey lipstick. I love that they did the lipstick for men, which is actually a lip balm. The lip balm feels very nice on the lips, but keep in mind that it does have a blue tint to it.

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