Another Beauty Bay haul (early March)

It’s time for another Beauty Bay haul. This one is full of items I received in early March.

Let’s start with another BH Cosmetics palette. I loved the Blueberry Muffin palette so much that I thought I would pick up another 16 pan palette from BH Cosmetics. This is the Lost In Los Angeles palette, and it’s such a pretty palette. It consists of mainly pastel shades, but it also has some brighter shades, and I’ve really enjoyed using it so far.

Jeffree Star released a Blood Sugar anniversary collection in late February I think, and the only thing I purchased from the collection was the Cavity Skin Frost highlighter palette. The first two shades, Icing IV and Candy Frost, are absolutely stunning; I wore Candy Frost last week, and it has the most stunning gold shift to it that doesn’t really show in the pan. Rose Cold and Frozen Prick will probably be too dark on me, but they sure are fun shades.

I also purchased another Supreme Gloss from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. This is a pretty nude in the shade House Tour.

Then I found a bunch of the Revolution x Friends lip products on sale, so I had to picked them up. I got the Chandler, Joey, and Monica lipglosses and the Rachel and Monica lipsticks. I have worn all of these products, and they were all pretty.

These lip products are from a limited edition Valentine’s Day collection from Wet n Wild. The lipgloss is the Valentine’s Mega Slicks lipgloss in the shade Crushed Grapes, and the lipstick is the Valentine’s Mega Last High-Shine lip color in Raining Rubies. I haven’t worn these yet, but I’m definitely going to wear them together.

The brand Soda was new to Beauty Bay when I purchased these items. It’s a very affordable brand, and so far I’ve liked most of their products. I’ve already mentioned the #wowbrow Flat Brow Liner in the shade Kim in my April 5 favourites, so obviously I love that product. I have not tried the #rainbowrave Unicorn Mascara in Fresh Grass yet. It’s a green mascara, so I’m waiting for the right look to wear it with. I purchased the #talkofthetown Lipstick in the shade Rock on!, and it’s such a great lipstick. I love the colour, the pigmentation, and the finish. The last product I picked up from Soda was the #babygethigher Pressed Highlighter in 102, which is a really pretty two-toned highlighter.

Most of the Soda products come with stickers, so this is what my products look like now (apart from the brow liner – the stickers didn’t want to stick to it).

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