Annual Christmas clothing/accessories haul pt. 2

It’s time for part 2 of my annual Christmas clothing/accessories haul. This part is all about socks, tights, jewellery, and hair accessories.

Let’s start with socks. I’ve purchased two sets of 5 pcs of Christmas socks. The first five pairs are from H&M and the next five pairs are from Monki, and they are all so cute.

I’ve also bought four single pairs of Christmas socks, and they’re all really cute too.

I’ve also gotten myself some Christmas tights from a supermarket; a pair with mistletoes and a pair with Santa hats. I’m really excited to wear these.

I found these gloves at my local supermarket a while back, and I just thought they were so nice and festive.

And now on to a bunch of jewellery. The brooch and these first three pairs of earrings are all from Flying Tiger, and I think they’re so much fun and very christmassy.

These pretty Christmas tree earrings are from my local supermarket.

All of these next pieces are from H&M. The ones with the red price stickers on them were on sale, and my guess is that they’re from last year, but that doesn’t matter to me. Just look at how festive these pieces are!

I have of course also purchased a few hair accessories. They are both supermarket finds.

And that was this year’s annual Christmas clothing/accessories haul. I’m so, so, so excited to wear christmassy outfits for the next month!

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