Big collective H&M haul pt. 2

It’s time for part 2 of my big collective H&M haul; the accessories.

It has definitely gotten colder outside, so I got a new scarf and a neck warmer. The scarf is of course purple or lilac, because as you know I’m obsessed with everything purple.

I’ve been wanting a pair of ear warmers like these ones for such a long time, and I’ve already worn them so many times.

I found this Mickey Mouse Fantasia reversible bucket hat in the men’s section, and I just thought it was really cute.

H&M has this 3 for 2 deal on tights, and I really wanted the Mickey Mouse tights (obviously), so I thought why not get two more pairs of tights. I actually got three more pairs since I got a 2 pack with a navy pair and a beige pair. The third pair of tights that I bought is a black pair with gold dots. I think they’ll be perfect for the holiday season.

I’ve also purchased a couple of festive headbands; a black sequins one and one with a big red velvet bow. I’m excited to wear both of these.

And last but not least, I’ve purchased some different fun earrings; a pair of sparkly snakes, and pair of sparkly eyes (which I actually wore in my last post), and a mix of fun gold hoops and studs (and a single earcuff).

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