Revolution x Friends

I haven’t tried many products from Revolution, but when I saw that they had made a Friends collection, I had to get my hands on some of the products, since I’m a huge Friends fan.

I absolutely had to get the smaller eyeshadow palettes; one for each of the girls. The packaging is super cute, and I love the names of the eyeshadows as well. I’ve only tried the Rachel and the Monica palette once each, so I haven’t formed a proper opinion on these palettes yet, but they do look pretty.

Here’s the inside of the Rachel palette. I love that there’s a shade called dinosaur.

This is the Monica palette. This has a very nice autumnal colour story.

And here’s what the Phoebe palette looks like. There’s some slightly softer shades in this one.

I sadly didn’t manage to get my hands on any of the lipsticks, but I did purchase two lipglosses. I got the Rachel and the Ross shades, which is quite fitting, right? The lids on these glosses are so cute, and I’m excited to try out the formula.

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