Big collective clothing and accessories haul

I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping lately (as per usual), and I’ve collected items from different brands and thought I would put them all in this one big collective haul. So here goes.

Let’s start with Monki and corduroy trousers. I’ve purchased three new pairs of corduroy trousers, all from Monki. I first bought the dark green pair, because I thought they would be perfect for autumn (and also for December paired with Christmas jumpers!). It didn’t take me many days before I ordered the purple ones too. I’ve been wanting a pair of purple corduroy trousers for quite a while, and these are perfect. I’m actually wearing them right now:) And the last pair of corduroy trousers I’ve purchased is a pair of dark yellow/orangy ones that I found on sale. They’re very autumnal too.

I also purchased this roll neck top from Monki. I just loved the print and colours, and I actually think it would look great paired with all three pairs of corduroy trousers.

The last item from Monki is this argyle sweater vest. Sweater vests are a huge trend right now, and I’m all aboard with this trend.

And now on to H&M and three long sleeve tops. You know that I can’t resist clothing with Disney print, and the navy and cream stripy top with the little embroidered Mickey Mouse is just so cute. The black and white striped fitted roll neck top is a great stable in any autumn/winter wardrobe, and the black and white houndstooth printed roll neck top is also great for colder weather.

I’ve also bought three pairs of earrings from H&M. The rainbow pair just screamed my name: I mean, just look how fun they are! And my obsession with purple is continuously growing, so I added two different pairs of purple hoops to my ever growing earring collection.

I have three pieces left to show you. First off is another argyle sweater vest. This one is from a brand called Soyaconcept. I found it very randomly on sale, and it was too good to leave behind.

The last two items are both Disney-related. This Mulan T-shirt is from PULL&BEAR, and I obviously love the print and also the warm colours of the print.

And last, but certainly not least, I’ve purchased the cutest Mickey and Minnie Mouse sneakers from Bershka. As you can see Minnie is on the right shoe with the yellow detail, but Mickey is on the left shoe with the green detail. How cute is that!

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