Another huge H&M haul

It’s only been about a month since I last posted a big H&M haul, but I’m ready with another one. I guess H&M have had some great stuff lately. I’ll start with tops, then go on to bottoms, and finish with accessories and shoes.

You’ve probably discovered that I have a huge weakness when it comes to Disney clothing. I’m especially fond of T-shirts with some sort of Disney print on them, so I had to add these three to my ever growing collection. They’re all adorable.

They next tree tops have a common theme as well; purple. I’m obsessed with everything purple, and you’ll see that in many of my upcoming posts. I know the button up top is green, but it has purple flowers on it, and I love green and purple together. I thought the smock top would be nice for dressier (is that a word?) occasions, and the lilac tank top is the same as the dark yellow one I’ve been loving this summer.

Autumn is approaching which means that it’s time to wear roll neck tops again, and I’m so excited. I’ve talked about H&M roll neck tops before, and how H&M comes out with different colours and patterns of these roll neck tops several times a year, and this is one of the new ones; blue, white, and lilac (once again) little flowers. It’s so pretty.

And now; blazers. I love blazers. They are stables in my wardrobe. I found the beige short sleeve blazer on sale and thought it would be really fun to style. And of course I had to have the oversized purple blazer considering my purple obsession. The grey oversized blazer has matching shorts, so now I have another shorts suit.

And these are the shorts, and they’re the perfect fit and length.

And from shorts to trousers. I’ve bought a new pair of black slacks, which is something I’ve had in my wardrobe for years and years, though I haven’t had a pair in 6 months or longer. I also ordered the matching blazer, but I didn’t like the fit of that, so I just kept the slacks, which I really like. I’ve also purchased two pairs of jeans: a pair of cropped kick flare jeans and a pair of longer wide legged jeans. I’m excited to wear both pairs.

I’ve purchased a couple of skirts as well. Other than purple I’ve also been loving orange and pink, and this orange and pink checked pleated skirt is so pretty. It’s actually featured in my next outfit post. The second skirt is a little ’90s inspired I guess, and it has a more muted purple colour to it, though still purple:)

All we have left now are a couple of accessories and a pair of shoes. I love all kinds of hair accessories, and I have a wide range of scrunchies. I’ve now added a houndstooth one and a black polka dot organza one to my collection. It’s also time to wear scarfs again, and this little white one with beach things on it is really cute.

And I’ve already shown you these strappy lilac heels, because I featured them in my August 5 favourites, so obviously I love them.

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