Incredible second hand haul

I usually always go for a full day of second hand shopping during my summer holiday, and this year was no exception. I found some incredible pieces too.

Sometimes you get really lucky and find the most amazing things. Like this gorgeous vintage dress. It’s so beautiful, and I felt really beautiful in it. I’m so excited to wear this on a special occasion one day.

How cute is this night gown! I’m not going to use it as a night gown though; I’ve actually already worn it, and it made a perfect summer dress.

This dress and blazer came as a set, and it’s so pretty. My sister actually found it for me: I guess she knows what I like.

I have several jumpers from this brand called Quimo in a similar style to this one, and I love them. They all have great colours and beautiful details, this one included.

I love pink, and this pink shirt is so cute. Just look at the buttons shaped like flowers!

My sister actually gave me this T-shirt that used to be hers. I don’t know if she bought it second hand or not, but it’s second hand to me.

How fun and unique is this T-shirt. The details on this are stunning, and I love the navy and gold together.

Another pink item. This time in the shape of a cute fuchsia summer top.

My sister also gave me these, and I know that she bought these second hand, because we were together when she bought them, and I was annoyed about the fact that she saw them first. She ended up never wearing them, and now they’re finally mine.

And now on to a few accessories. I found two bags. The first one is this cute creamy white shoulderbag that will go with so many outfits.

The second bag is this stunning beaded number. How pretty!

Last, but not least, I purchased two ties. They both have paisley prints, and I’m so excited about doing some suit styling soon.

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