Huge H&M haul – summer clothes and accessories

A little while ago I ordered a bunch of stuff from H&M’s online shop, and I’ve also picked up a few pieces in store, so I thought I would put them all together in one huge H&M haul. 

Lyserød maxikjole m. pufærmer - H&M

This might be the dress of the summer. I’d seen it in a couple of places when I bought it, but it has definitely risen in popularity since. I actually haven’t worn it yet, but I’m planning on wearing it soon.

Rød midi nederdel m. paperbag talje - H&MHvid midi nederdel m. lyserøde og blå blomster - H&M

I actually haven’t worn most of the items in this haul, because the summer weather went away around the time I received my H&M parcel. However, it looks like the summer is coming back, so I’ll definitely be pulling out a bunch of these items among others these two really cute midi skirts.

Sort og hvid stribet T-shirt m. Coca Cola flaske - H&MBeige T-shirt m. sorte prikker og skilt - H&M

I bought these two T-shirts which will both look great paired with the red skirt. I recently got rid of the black and white striped T-shirt I had, so I’m excited to have a new one with a cute Coca Cola bottle on the chest. I’m still loving polka dots, and the polka dot T-shirt is one of the few items in this haul that I have worn.

Hvid crop top m. pufærmer - H&MRød top m. pufærmer - H&MHvid top m. solsikkeprint og knapper - H&MLyserød off-shoulder crop top - H&M

Apparently, I’m really into a puffy sleeve at the moment. I bought the white top to go with the floral skirt, and the red top would look great with the red skirt. The sunflower top I bought in store, and I’ve already worn that. It’s so cute and summery. So is the pink cropped top.

Hvid top m. citron print - H&M

I also purchased another style of lemon top to go with my lemon skirt, and I have worn this one is well.

Lyserød og beige stråtaske - H&MRød baguette - H&M

And now on to accessories. For some reason I’ve been purchasing a lot of bags lately among others these two from H&M. Both were on sale, and I thought the straw bag with the pink details was a great summer bag, and I thought the red baguette would be fun to style.

Mickey Mouse strømper (H&M)

I don’t wear socks often these days, but when autumn hits, I’ll be excited to wear these fun Mickey Mouse socks.


I’m still loving headbands, and I’ve been wanting a pearl one for a while.

Guldfarvede hoops m. perlerDSC_1563DSC_1561

I’m also still loving big and fun earrings and added these three pairs to my collection.


Ans last but not least, I found these Merry Xmas hair clips on sale, and I know it’s a little early, but I couldn’t leave these behind.

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