Large second hand haul

I have quite a large second hand haul to share with you. I’ve accumulated these items over the past month, and I’m really excited to style them (I’ve already worn a few pieces).

Rød, grøn og gul ternet blazer - second handSort og hvid houndstooth mønstret oversized blazer - second handNavy og hvid gingham blazer - second handBeige blazer - second hand

I’ve purchased four blazers from the same second hand store on the same day. The red checked one is slightly oversized, and I love the print and colours of it. The black and white blazer is oversized as well, and I love the black collar, bottons, and pockets. The navy and white one is quite unique. It’s a shorter more fitted blazer, and I think it’ll be fun to style. The last blazer is a greenish beige colour I think, and it’s a more ladylike style of blazer.

Navy kortærmet skjorte m. tulipaner - second hand

Just about a week ago I found this tulip print short sleeve shirt. I love to wear this kind of shirt in the spring and summer.

Lilla, blå, orange og rød blomstet kjole m. knapper - second hand

Sorry about the bad quality of the picture, but this is a very cute floral summer dress. I love that it has bottons all the way down, and I love the colour scheme. I think it’ll be a perfect easy throw on summer piece.

Sort midi nederdel m. beige mønster og røde roser - second handSort tørklæde m. beige mønster og røde roser - second hand

I don’t recall ever seeing a matching skirt and scarf set before, so I had to get it. I’m excited about styling these both together and separately.

Rød, sort og blå mønstret tørklæde - second hand

I also bought another scarf. I love the colours and pattern of this one.

Beig ebælte m. firkantet sølvspænde - second hand

I always look at belts when I’m second hand shopping, and this is my latest belt find. I love the beige colour and the big square buckle.

Bordeauxrød dametaske - second hand (Belsac)Sort slouchy bucket taske m. fløjl - second hand (H&M)

I found two bags on the day I found the four blazers. The first one is a beautiful burgundy leather ladylike bag. I’ve been looking for this kind of bag for a while, and this one is so nice. I also found a corduroy bucket bag (which is originally from H&M), which I thought would come in handy.

Brune western støvler - second handSorte sandaler med farvede detaljer og blok hæl - second hand

Last but not least, I’ve purchased two pairs of shoes. I don’t find second hand shoes that I like very often, but I love these two pairs. Western boots have been trendy for a while know, and I got really excited when I found these brown ones. I love the length of the boots and the elongated toe. I also love the little black sandals. I think they’re very grandma chic, and how cute are the colour details around the cut-outs.

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