Huge second hand haul: clothes

I’ve been doing a lot of second hand shopping lately, and I thought I would share my finds with you. I’m going to do a two part haul; this one is all about the clothes, and then I’m going to do a separate post on the accessories.

Brun, navy og grøn ternet oversized blazer - second hand

I’ve been looking for an oversized blazer, and this one is perfect! I love the colours and pattern, and the quality is great.

Sort velour jakke med blomstermønster i rød, lilla, grøn og guldglimmer - second hand

This jacket is a mix of things I love; velvet, beautiful colours, and shoulder pads.

Hvid og sort zebraprint fleece jakke - second hand

This is one of those very tacky items that I’m not quite sure if I love or not, but I buy them anyways, because I love a styling challenge, and I often end up really liking those items.

Rød argyle sweater m. navy og gråt mønster - second hand

This red argyle jumper is so nice. It looks like it’s never been worn, and I love the colours.

Khakigrøn sweater m. beige mønster - second hand

I found this khaki green jumper the same day as I found the red argyle one, and I just loved the pattern.

Sort og beige sweater m. guld detaljer - second hand

And I’ve found more great jumpers recently. How nice is this one! Once again I love the pattern, and I also love the button detail. And the quality seems really nice too.

Navy og cremefarvet sweater m. turkis detaljer - second hand

This jumper is from the same brand as the previous one, and how incredible is the colour combination on this one! I’m really excited about all these jumpers.

Beige og cremefarvet rullekravetrøje - second hand

I also found this beige roll neck number, which looks like something a guy would wear in the early to mid 2000s, and I really don’t mind that.

Hvid kortærmet skjorte m. lyserødt, blåt og grønt mønster - second hand

I’ve also bought two button up blouses/shirts which are probably more appropriate for warmer weather, but I just couldn’t leave them behind, so I’ll save them in my closet and wear them in a few months. I love the colours and pattern of this one, and it has shoulder pads as well, which is always a plus in my book.

Navy kortærmet skjorte m. hvide og røde blomster - second hand

The other button up blouse I’ve purchased recently is the navy one with the cutest daisy print.

Lyseblå højtaljet denim nederdal - second hand

I more often find tops than I find bottoms at second hand stores, but this time around I did find a skirt and a pair of trousers/jeans. I’m always looking for the perfect denim skirt, and this one comes very close. It’s high waisted, it’s pretty much the perfect length, and the light wash gives it a strong ’80s vibe which I’m all about.

Beige slangeprint bukser - second hand

The pair of trousers (or I guess they’re jeans) that I’ve purchased and the last item in this part of the haul are these snake print ones. I’m really into animal print at the moment and these fit me perfectly, so I had to buy them. I guess they’re slightly tacky, but they remind me of Coyote Ugly and I love that film, so I might take some inspiration from there when styling these trousers.

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