Huge second hand haul pt. 2

Here’s the second part of my huge second hand haul. You can find pt. 1 here.

Mørk fuchsia og grøn ternet lang blazer - second handMørk fuchsia og grøn ternet nederdel - second hand

It’s always awesome finding a matching set, even though I don’t think I’ll ever wear the two pieces together. I love the print and colours, and the quality is very nice.

Grøn, blå og orange ternet lang kilt - second hand

I found some more tartan, and this is actually a Scottish kilt. I thought it was such a fun piece, and I think it will be very interesting to style.

Støvet khakigrønne fløjlsbukser m. vide - second hand

These corduroy trousers are one of my favourite items from this two part second hand haul. I found them in the men’s section, but they fit me perfectly. I’ve already worn them a ton.

Blommefarvet pelset beret

I’m expanding my beret collection, and this fluffy plum-coloured one is quite unique. It’s been my go-to hat ever since I bought it.

Sorte lange støvler m. hæl - second hand

I’d been looking for a pair of long square toe boots with a ’90s/early 2000’s vibe, and these are perfect. I think they’ll look good with so many different outfits.

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