Winter accessories

Røde støvler m. chunky hæl - RaidSorte støvler m. blomster og kitten heel - H&MDSC_4000DSC_4301DSC_4307

I have a few new accessories I want to show you. It’s the season for wearing boots, so I bought two pairs of boots that fit in with this season’s trends; red boots and sock boots. The red boots are from a brand called Raid and I bought them on Asos. They have a bit of a ’60s vibe to them which I love. They are also perfect for the festive season. The floral sock boots are from H&M. They have a kitten heel which is a another trend at the moment, and you can style them in so many different ways. I also bought some more glitter socks, and these colours are very appropriate for this time of year. Lastly, I bought some jewellery on Asos. The bracelets are from Asos’ own brand and they are made of gold plated sterling silver. I’ve been wanting some dainty gold bracelets for a long time now, and these are really simple and pretty. I also bought some Kingsley Ryan sterling silver lightening blot earrings, and they are so cute.

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