Jeffree Star Holiday Glitter Collection


As the Jeffree Star Cosmetics fan I am, I was very excited about this years holiday collection. It’s called the Jeffree Star Holiday Glitter Collection and it has the most beautiful packaging! Definitely my favourite packaging Jeffree Star has done so far. I usually buy Jeffree Star Cosmetics on, but the collection is not on the webside yet. I really wanted to make sure that I got a couple of products from the collection, so I bought these two lip products on the Danish wedside House of Stars. This webside did not have the entire collection, and there’s another Velour liquid lipstick I really want, and maybe one of the lip scrubs, so I hope that Beautybay gets the collection at some point. But let’s talk about the two beautiful lip products I already got.


First of all, the pink packaging with silver glitter and holographic writing makes my make-up loving heart skip a beat. I know it makes it hard to see the colour properly, but I will obviously post pictures of me wearing it at some point. The Velour liquid lipstick I purchased is called Poinsettia, and it’s a gorgeous metallic red. Perfect for the holiday season. I can’t wait to wear this shade!


I also bought my first ever Lip Ammunition, and the reason why I had to have it is because it is the ‘stick’ lipstick version of my favourite liquid lipstick, Redrum. This Lip Ammo has a satin finish and I hope I’ll love it as much as I love the liquid lipstick version.


Lastly, I just wanted to show you the cardboard packaging the lipsticks came in. They are holographic and I tried to capture it with my camera. So pretty!

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