From my sister

Sort 'fleece' sweater m. lynlåse - Noisy MayMarineblå spidse 'herre'sko - ZaraPompomer fra Kathrine

My oldest younger sister and I often wear the same sizes in clothes. She recently cleaned out her closet and brought me and our other sister some things she didn’t want anymore. I picked two things; a super soft and cosy fleece-like jumper from the brand Noisy May and a pair of navy, pointy-toe shoes from Zara. I thought the jumper would be great for lounging around on a cold day, and I remember loving the shoes when my sister had them. She also brought me two pompom keyrings that she made herself. She is extremely creative and makes all sorts of things. She is going to make something else for me, which I’m really excited about and will be posting on the blog at some point.

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