Party look


It’s the party season and thought I needed some new party clothes. The top, skirt, and heels are all from H&M and the velvet chokers are from a brand called Krystal London (I got them from Asos). I thought the silver top was very festive and it’s affordable too which is always nice when it’s something you won’t wear that often. I’ve been wanting a long, pleated skirt for a long time, and when I found this one on sale on H&M webshop I just had to get it. When I ordered the top and the skirt I had also put the beautiful silver glitter heels in my basket, but they were sold out when I was going to check out, but luckily the were back in stock about a week or so later. I’ve been wanting to try out the choker trend for a while and when I found these two velvet ones on sale on Asos I thought it was time to give a try. I’ve worn both of them once each so far, and I quite like them. My plan is actually to wear all of these items (though only one of the chokers) on New Year’s Eve, but we’ll see.

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