Good Luck Trolls


You might have noticed by now that I’m obsessed with limited edition MAC products. I’m especially obsessed with limited edition lipsticks and I consider them collectables, but as you might also have noticed I actually use them and don’t just keep them on display. When I found out about the Good Luck Trolls collection I was really excited, because the packaging looked so colourful and pretty, and I’m so glad I managed to get my hands on these products. Initially I only ordered one lipstick and a beauty powder, but then I swatched the other lipstick colours in store yesterday and bought one more.


The lipstick I ordered online was this fun blue one. It’s called Midnight Troll and has a matte finish. It’s similar to Matte Royal from MAC’s permanent lipstick line, but Matte Royal is a bit darker and has a slight purple undertone. Midnight Troll is just straight up blue. And how cute is the name! All the names in this collection are spot on.


The lipstick I couldn’t resist at the physical store yesterday was this beautiful shimmery hot pink. It’s called Dance Off, Pants Off (how amazing is that name) and it has a frost finish. This is my first frost finish lipstick from MAC, and I can’t wait to try it on. It’s funny how frosty and metallic lipsticks have become popular again.


The product I knew I wanted as soon as I saw it was this gorgeous beauty powder. It’s called Glow Rida (another amazing name) and is a light shimmery beige powder. I wore it yesterday as my highlighter, and it was so beautiful. It’s quite a subtle highlighter, but you can definitely build it up which was what I did, and it just looks so gorgeous on the skin. This has to be my favourite packaging from the collection; that shimmery bright pink packaging is every make-up lovers dream.

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