5 favourites – July

July has come to an end, and it’s been really nice having some time off. I spent the past four weeks with my family, and now I’m back home (and by home I mean my home). It’s been really nice being on summer holiday (though I’m studying at the moment because I have an exam in a few days) and my holiday is not over yet (thank god). Btw, I created an instagram account today which is mainly going to be an extension of the blog. I’m @muchaluchas and there’s a link in my blogroll in the sidebar. But enough about that for now; here’s some of my favourite things from the month of July.


MAC lipstick in Faux: I haven’t worn make-up that often this past month, because I’ve just been staying at my parents summer house, but most of the times I did wear make-up I wore this lipstick. It just the perfect neutral, ‘my lips but better’ shade for me.


Morphe M510 brush: This is the best brush for highlighter I’ve tried so far. It’s fluffy and not too big, so it gives you a very precise application while blending out the product at the same time.


Vintage Style – Sarah Kennedy: As I’ve probably mentioned before, I don’t read much on an everyday basis (other than for my studies), but I usually read a bit in my summer holiday, and this year I’ve been reading this book about vintage style. It has beautiful pictures of vintage style icons and gives you tips on how to get the style, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it.


Big Hero 6 (film): As the huge Disney fan I am, it’s always exciting when I get to watch a Disney film I haven’t watched before. It was actually my mum who raved about this film, and I wasn’t disappointed. This film is great, and I can’t wait to watch it again.


Glass cup with lid and straw: This is a bit of a random favourite. My youngest sister and I got these cups this summer and she made us water with lime (and lemon) and mint several times and it was such a great way of actually drinking water during the day + the cups are super cute.

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