5 favourites – February

From tomorrow on it’ll officially be spring, even though the weather in Denmark states otherwise. I really wish that the weather would become warmer very soon. Not that I would have much time to enjoy it, since March is going to be all about exams. I can’t believe that I already have exams again. Anyways, my favourites from the past month consists of the two M’s; Make-up and Movies.


Zoeva En Taupe eye shadow palette: I’m so glad I purchased this palette. It’s been my most used palette since I received it in the end of January. If you want to see what the shades inside the palette look like, you can check out this post.


Makeup Geek blusher in Spell Bound: I was really excited about trying out Makeup Geek’s blushers, and I was not disappointed. The shade I’ve been especially loving is Spell Bound which is my go-to kind of blush shade.


MAC lipstick in Von Teese: This has probably been my most worn lipstick this past month. It’s the perfect shade of red in my opinion and I love the matte finish. I’m wearing it here.

harry and sally

When Harry Met Sally (film): I’ve been wanting to watch this classic romcom for I don’t know how many years, and I finally caught it on TV a few weeks back. I really enjoyed it, and I see why it’s a classic.


Snow White & The Huntsman (film): This is another film that pleasantly suprised me this month. I love that it has a twist on the original story about Snow White plus I won’t complain about a film which have both Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin in it:)

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