Make-up Christmas presents


I wrote in my New Year’s Eve make-up post that I would tell you more about my make-up Christmas presents and here they are. I got three MAC products; two eye shadows and a lipstick.


The eye shadows I got are Mythology (on the left) and All That Glitters (on the right). Mythology has a lustre finish and the colour is simply described as a copper and it’s a gorgeous shade. All That Glitters has a veluxe pearl finish and is described as a beige with gold pearl. It’s one of the those shades that goes with anything. So pretty.


You’ve already seen the lipstick in action, but here it is before I wore it. It’s called Matte Royal and it has a matte finish (obviously). It came out with the Matte Lip Collection, and I’m actually not sure if the collection is permanent or not, but I’m so happy I got this amazing blue lipstick for Christmas.

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