Enchanted Eve


As you might have noticed I’m a bit obsessed with MAC, so of course I’d been waiting in anticipation for the holiday collections to launch and here’s what I purchased online (I also purchased another product in store which I’ll show you soon). It’s the Enchanted Eve pink lip bag, and as you can see it comes with a make-up bag, a lipstick, a lipglass and a lip pencil. All of these products are not for individual sale, so you can only get them in this holiday set.


The lipstick is called Goodbye Kiss and it’s in an amplified finish. It’s a limited edition shade and it’s described as a cool mid-tone pink. I love the amplified finish and this colour is just stunning. It’s a very wearable pink; great for everyday use.


The lipglass is called Frozen Dreams and is a repromoted shade. It’s described as a medium pink rose, and as you can see it has shimmer in it. Usually I’m not much for shimmery lip products, but I don’t think the shimmers in this product are that noticable on the lips. I’ve been wearing it in the centre of my lips on top of the Goodbye Kiss lipstick, and I think it looks gorgeous.


The lip pencil is called Just Wonderful and it’s also a limited edition shade. It’s described as a dirty mauve and like the lipglass it has shimmer in it, but again it’s not that noticable on the lips when you wear a lipstick on top. The colour is a bit darker than the lipstick and lipglass, but the three products look amazing together. I think they made my lips look pretty and plump. I’ll post pictures of me wearing these products soon.

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