MAC Toledo


I had been waiting for the MAC Toledo collection to come to Denmark, and when it finally did I was lucky enough to get my hands on the three products I wanted. Before I go further into details about the products (which are all limited edition), I just want to quickly adress the packaging of this collection. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I personally love it. I think it’s so cool and different and pretty, and I love the rubbery texture of it.


I was actually a bit in doubt whether I should get one of the ombre blushers from the collection, but when I saw and swatch this one in store, I just had to have. I got the colour Azalea Blossom which goes from a light baby pink into a gorgeous purple. It’s very different from any other blusher I own, and I think it’s absolutely beautiful.


On the other hand I was not at all in doubt whether I should buy these lip products or not. For once I actually fell in love with the lipgloss (or lipglass I might say) at first and then decided to get the matching lipstick. They are both in the colour Oxblood which is a very strange name for nude lip products. Anyways, the lipglass has a bit of a pinky/mauve undertone, whereas the lipstick is a (matte) brown nude with a slightly peachy undertone. Nonetheless, they look incredible together, and I’m really happy I bought both of them.

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