Provocalips + Kate


I have been waiting for the Rimmel Provocalips to come to Denmark, and when they finally did (and the drugstore had a 3 for 2 sale on Rimmel make-up) I went out and bought two different colours to try them out. I chose the colours 200 I’ll Call You and 550 Play With Fire. I’ll Call You just seemed like the perfect mid tone neutral pink, and it’s very pretty and very wearable. There were two different red shades, but Play With Fire which is the darker one really caught my eye. So far I’m quite impressed with these liquid lipsticks. They’re really pigmented and has a matte finish when they dry. You can leave them like that or you can apply the lock and shine balm which I’ve done the times I’ve worn them, and your lips look and feel great. Because there was a 3 for 2 sale when I bought them, I also picked up yet another Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick. I picked up no. 29 which is a purply, magenta type colour. So pretty!  You’ll see all of these lip products on my lips in make-up posts in the future.

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