Chocolate Bar


I’ve been drooling (pun intended) over this palette for almost a year, and I’m so glad that I finally decided to purchase it about a month ago. It’s (obviously) the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette and I purchaced it from alongside this Stila Convertible Color. This palette has an amazing colour selection; it’s mostly neutrals, but mixed in with some more colourful shadows. The palette contains 16 eye shadows, and as far as I can see and feel the shadows come in three different finishes/textures; there are 6 matte shades (White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Triple Fudge, Salted Caramel, Semi-Sweet, and Strawberry Bon Bon), 4 (slightly chalky) glittery shades (Gilded Ganache, Black Forest Truffle, Candied Violet, and Cherry Cordial), and 6 (buttery) metallic shades (Marzipan, Amaretto, Hazelnut, Créme Brulee, Haute Chocolate, and Champagne Truffle). My favourite finish/texture is definitely the latter. They are so buttery smooth and incredibly pigmented (my favourites right now are Marzipan, Amaretto, and Hazelnut). I love the matte shades as well which are mostly neutral shades (I’m in love with Salted Caramel!). The only disappointing thing about this palette is the glittery shades. The colours look gorgeous in the pan, but are quite chalky, and not as pigmented as the other shadows. All in all I do absolutely love this palette, and I would highly recommend it. Oh, and how cute is the packaging and shadow names:)

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Bar

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