Back on the nail track


I haven’t done a nail post in a long time which is mainly due to the fact that I haven’t got that many new nail polishes since I left England. Anyways, I do want to get more creative with my nails, but for now I just want to show you a new nail polish I got on my gift advent calendar in December. First I’ll apologise for the application; I tried to remove as much nail polish from the skin around my nails as possible, but I find it almost impossible to get it all off. But about the nail polish; it’s from the Danish make-up brand Nilens Jord and it’s no. 688. It’s a deep, metallic purple as you can see, and I love the colour. It reminds a bit of one of my favourite nail polish colours from H&M called Fabulous Nails, Honey, just a more purple version.

One thought on “Back on the nail track

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