Lyko haul (January 2023)

I have a Lyko haul to share with you today. The majority of the products are from Essence, but there’s also a Catrice palette and a Kokie Cosmetics blush in the mix.

This is the Catrice Fall In Colours eyeshadow palette. It might look like a pretty standard neutral palette, but there was something about it that drew me in. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard that the quality is supposed to be really good.

Let’s move on to the Essence stuff. This is the WATCH ME GLOW, Honey! eyeshadow palette in 01 It’s Glow Or Never!, which is also a neutral palette, however, it has some interesting pops of lime green.

I picked up two things from the Essence Positive Vibes Only collection; the Positive Vibes Only eyeshadow palette in 01 Today’s Gonna Be Eye-mazing! and the Positive Vibes Only baked highlighter in 01 Light Up Your Day!. I really like the colour scheme of the palette, and the highlighter is a fun pink shade.

From the Essence Snow Much Love collection I got the cream to powder highlighter in 01 The Snow Glow Show! and the glitter liquid eyeliner in 01 Oh Snowy Shine!.

The last two Essence products I purchased were the Extreme Care hydrating glossy lip balms in 02 Soft Peach and 03 Milky Cocoa. I haven’t tried these on my lips yet, but I’m excited to do so.

Lastly, I picked up one more of the Kokie Cosmetics Soft Gradient blushes. When I picked up the other shades, I had also picked up this orange shade in Tender, but it came broken, so I got my money back, because it was out of stock. When it came back in stock I picked it up again, because just look how beautiful this shade is!

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