Lyko haul (December 2022)

I have a small-ish Lyko haul to share with you today. I made this Lyko order because I really wanted to try the beautiful Kokie Cosmetics Soft Gradient blushes, and then I also picked up a handful of other products.

I picked up five shades of the Kokie Cosmetics Soft Gradient blushes; Tease, Swoon, Star-Crossed, Heartthrob, and Flushed. They are so beautiful!

And these are the rest of the products, I picked up. I got another Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Primer Base. This one is in the shade Ignite. I also bought the Jason Wu Beauty Single Ready To Sparkle eyeshadow and two lipsticks.

Here’s a closer look at the Jason Wu Beauty Single Ready To Sparkle eyeshadow. I’m wearing it on my eyes here.

I purchased another one of the Smashbox Be Legendary Monster of Horror lipsticks. This is very fittingly called Frankenstein and has Frankenstein’s monster on the packaging.

The last lipstick I got is the Milani Color Fetish matte lipstick in the shade Fleur. I haven’t worn this yet, but the colour looks really pretty, and I love the packaging.

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