Jeffree Star Cosmetics Star Wedding collection

We don’t see a lot of make-up collections from Jeffree Star Cosmetics these days, so when he launched his Star Wedding collection I was intrigued, even though it’s a very neutral collection colourwise.

I had to get the Star Wedding palette. Mine sadly came broken; the shade Cut The Cake (the second shade in the first row) was shattered, and it was all over the palette, but I managed to save at lot of the shade and sort of clean up the palette. Even though this is a neutrals heavy palette, I really like the different tones of neutrals mixed with pops of berry and grey. I created this berry look and this neutral look with this palette.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics also launched a brand new product with this collection; the Liquid Star Shadows. I picked up two shades; Toss My Bouquet and Behind The Veil. Toss My Bouquet is a matte dusty rose shade and Behind The Veil is described as a glittery white with iridescent/multi coloured pearl. I’m wearing both of these on my eyes today, and they were very easy to work with. The glittery shade pulls quite green though, but it’s very pretty and reflective.

I hadn’t gotten a new shade of the Velour liquid lipsticks in what seems like forever, so I picked up one of the shades from this collection. It’s called Down The Aisle and it’s described as a rust brown nude.

The last product I picked up from the collection was the Wedding Proof Makeup Setting Spray. I haven’t tried it yet, because I’m trying to use up the setting sprays I’ve got open right now, but I love trying out new setting sprays.

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