First Oden’s Eye haul

I’ve been intrigued by the Swedish make-up brand Oden’s Eye for quite a while, and when I saw that the entire Solmåne II collection was discounted, I decided to make my first order from the brand. Besides the Solmåne II collection, I also got another eyeshadow palette.

The Solmåne II collection includes the eyeshadow palette, 15 gel liners, 6 Sunlight Love blushers, 6 Moonlight Feel highlighters, and a makeup mirror. I’ve already featured the palette in a 5 favourites, and I think it’s stunning. The shades are so pretty, and the quality is great.

I love colourful eyeliners, and these gel liners come in so many stunning colours. They’re really pigmented too, and they last a long time on the waterline.

How absolutely stunning are these blushers! The packaging is beautiful, but so are the shades and embossing on the actual product as well. The three matte shades are called B101 Sunset Clouds, B102 Warm Sun, and B103 Orange Sunny. The three pearlescent shades are called W101 Roseate Love, W102 Peach Gleam, and W103 Sienna Lustre.

The 6 highlighters are just as beautiful as the blushers. It’s more difficult to show them off properly in pictures though, but they’re all duochromes and the shades are quite colourful and interesting. These highlighters are definitely unique to my collection. They’re in the shades H101 Moon talk, H102 Pink Star, H103 Warm Sunshine, H104 Lavender Dream, H105 Azura Shine, and H106 Rose Sky.

The Solmåne makeup mirror comes in two colours; light orange or light purple. I obviously chose the light purple.

Besides the Solmåne collection, I also picked up the Oden’s Eye X Angelica Nyqvist Hela eyeshadow palette. I love Angelica’s Youtube videos, and I think her palette with Oden’s Eye is beautiful. It has such a fun colour story; I really like the greens and pinks together. The quality of the eyeshadows are great too.

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