Essence and Catrice Disney Classics collections

Today I have an Essence and Catrice Disney Classics collections haul to share with you. The sister brands each did three eyeshadow palettes plus a bunch of other products inspired by classic Disney animal characters, and obviously I had to pick up a bunch of stuff from the collections. Let’s begin with Essence.

Essence released three Disney Classics Silky Eyeshadow Palettes; Bambi 01 Friends Til the End, Dumbo 02 Make A Splash, and Patch 03 Dognapped!. My favourite so far is the Bambi one, which contains some really pretty green shades. I was pretty disappointed in the Dumbo one, but I used a few shades from Patch one today, and I quite liked those.

The other three products I picked up from the Essence collection are the Disney Classics Maxi Blush Highlighters in Bambi 01 Nature, Dumbo 02 Peanuts, and Patch 03 Thunderbolt. Once again the Bambi one is my favourite so far, but I haven’t tried the Patch one yet. Let’s move on to Catrice.

Catrice also had three palettes. These are called the Disney Classics Multi-Effect Eyeshadow Palettes, and they came in Marie 010 Je Suis Marie, Lady 020 True Love, and Miss Bunny 030 Flirtatious. My favourite so far is the Miss Bunny one, but I did quite like the Lady one as well.

I also picked up the Catrice Disney Classics Maxi Matt Face & Body Bronzers. There were only two of these in the collection; Marie 010 Ladylike and Lady 020 Be Brave. How adorable is the packaging!

The last two products I purchased from the Catrice collection were the Disney Classics Marie Satin Coconut Lipstick in 010 Pink Bow, and the Catrice Disney Classics Lady Satin Coconut Lipstick in 020 Romance. This is actually such a nice creamy lipstick formula, and they have nice pigmentation too. I’m not a fan of coconut scents, but thankfully the scent on these lipsticks is not overpowering.

All in all, I like this Disney Classics collab collection from Essence and Catrice better than their Disney Princess collab collection.

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