Beauty Bay sale haul + news from Soda (late December)

I have a Beauty Bay haul to share with you today. Some of the items were on sale, and some of them were new (at the time) from Soda. Let’s begin with the sale items.

Actually, before we get in to the sale items, I just wanted to include that I received a free Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Orgy palette, because the one I bought originally was from a bad batch. To be honest, I’m not sure the quality of this one is much better, but it was a nice thing for Beauty Bay to do.

Okay, now let’s move on to the sale items. I picked up two things from NABLA; the NABLA Liberty Six Customizable Palette Feather Edition and the NABLA Skin Glazing in Lola. I needed a little magnetic palette to store some single Natasha Denona eyeshadows in, and this NABLA one looked like it would be perfect for that. And I really like the NABLA complexion products (I already have a bronzer and a highlighter), so I decided to get one of the blush shades, and Lola is such a pretty shade.

These are the rest of the products that I purchased on sale. I picked up the NYX Bare With Me concealer serum in 02 Light, because I’d heard people on social media rave about it, but to be quite frank, I haven’t used it much yet. I should give it another go though. I’ve also heard good things about the Wet n Wild MegaGlo highlighting powders for years, so I picked up the shade in Blossom Glow, and I love it. It’s so pigmented and so pretty. And the last products in this haul are from the brand Soda. I love their #talkofthetown lipsticks, so I bought another shade. This is a pinky nude called 007 Nude Queen. The Soda #browpurrfection Ultra Thin Brow Liner in Kim was not on sale; it was new at the time. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I like their Flat Brow Liner, so hopefully I’ll like this one as well.

The last three products are from the Soda #exploretheocean The Little Mermaid collection. I picked up one of the eyeshadow palettes, the face palette, and the lip gloss.

The eyeshadow palette, I decided to pick up, is called Under The Sea, and it’s the most colourful of the three from the collection.

The face palette is called We Share The Earth, and it’s very pretty.

And the lip gloss is called Precious Voice and is a pretty standard pinky nude shimmery gloss, but it’s pretty nonetheless, and I love the packaging on this whole collection.

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