MAC x L collection

Last autumn, I picked up four items from the MAC x L collection. I absolutely love the purple glitter packaging!

Here’s what the inside of the eyeshadow palette looks like. I would say that it’s a neutral palette with pops of pink and purple. I think it’s very pretty, and some of the shadows have some interesting finishes.

I had to pick up the Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Show Gold (permanent shade), even though I have the shade in a palette from a previous holiday collection. I mean, just look at that beautiful flower embossing! The shade is really stunning too. The powder blush is in the shade Melba, which is also a permanent shade, and I do have it in a split pan blush duo, but I’m not the biggest fan of split pan products, so I wouldn’t mind having Melba as a stand alone blush.

The last product I picked up from this collection (this time around) was the Powder Kiss liquid lipcolour in the shade Sorry Not Sorry, and it’s a pretty pumpkin/burned orange shade. I really like the Powder Kiss formulas; both this liquid version and the bullet lipstick one.

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