House of Stars sale haul

Last autumn I purchased some items from the Danish website House of Stars. They’re all from either Juvia’s Place or Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and they were all on sale.

Let’s start with Juvia’s Place. I picked up two of the 6-pan palettes, The Berries and The Violets, and the Blushed Volume 2 blush duo.

Here’s a closer look at all three palettes. I really like both The Berries and The Violets palettes; I think the monochromatic colour stories are super pretty. I also like the blush shades.

From Jeffree Star Cosmetics I picked up the Star Ranch eyeshadow palette, the Magic Star concealer in C5, and two Velvet Trap lipsticks.

Here’s what the inside of the Star Ranch palette looks like. I actually quite like this colour story; I think the shades go very well together.

I picked up another Velvet Trap lipstick from the Pink Religion collection. It’s in the shade Pink Religion, and it’s a super fun vibrant hot pink. I also pick up a new The Perfect Red, because my original one broke, and it’s one of my favourite red lipsticks.

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